DMAS audio review

Hi sethw, thanks for the helpful post. I’d like to give your method a try later tonight.
Could you please confirm what specific problems you had that were resolved?
Did you have the ringing/high pitched constant sound prior to adjusting the connectors?


Why do 2 ppl need to be pimax employees? In my XP if the speakers are closer to ears they might sound much better. In my xp the bass aligns with what you have Said. The overal volume is much lower than it should be at full volume.

Why not try what I mentioned? At a guess as one other user has confirmed the distance to ears is much further than Index. So a person with a rounder head may have a much better experience than you or I have out of the box.

The tone/noise that ppl are reporting is interesting but suggests there maybe noise on the 5v rail/bad ground. Or an issue with the module connection that another user reported.

You have the kdmas have you tried the cushions from it?

Don’t read my post as dissing your experience either. I do honestly believe your having a Poor out of box xp and what you xp is real.


Done test of my DMAS. I’m Music man. I have many professional phones and in ear. I can tell the sound quality are good. but there are too many high tones levels. of course the speaker are distant, no isolate so bass are litte bad… but there is a solution
Volume is ok… but I’m sure there are some situation that need more power because the font (a film or game) can have low power. An example? Play Pavlov… where is the bass ?? ahah
so the suggestion is:


  • BASS LEVEL + AND - (1-10 step)


  • BOOST MASTER VOLUME 1-5 (for example)


Problem is Pimax is using microsoft generic usb Audio drivers. Ppl have requested for example Microphone boost added to pitool. Since Pimax is not using there own driver we are limited to Microsoft as it seems pimax is unable to create there own audio drivers.

Otherwiss this could be made to work. But pimax has to stop using generic windows drivers for both Sound ans microphone.


The noise Timo.H1 videoed is the same noise/tone I’m getting. Use an FFT analyzer. It’s around 1.7kHz. The odds of this same tone on two computers would seem to rule out random computer accessories are creating the issue (unless it’s picking up noise from a basestation). It’s seems to be an issue with the DMAS. I didn’t hear it with the SMAS installed.


I find that what it the DMAS lacks in bass it makes up for in spatial audio. It sounds like the sounds are coming from around me.


This doesn’t resolve the issue, I have Voicemeeter and even with +12 db on Bass (max) there is still no bass and at +12 db the speakers are vibrating to the point that there is speaker distortion present. Sure, if I cup my f’ing hands around the DMAS and my ears there is bass (gee, this is such a great suggestion! I can just f’ing play anything like this perfectly!) but this is such a ridiculous proposition that it doesn’t even need further mention.

Putting the KDMAS cushions on the DMAS and KDMAS still sounds better, with less distortion because of the closed speaker back design.

DMAS was rushed. Proper DMAS could be accomplished if one could tilt the speaker arms closer to ones ears like Index / G2 / VP2 speaker arms. But that’s beyond the ability of genius Pimax engineers who simply retained KDMAS speaker arms as the solution.

I’m seriously disappointed that these were even released in this state. I’m out $100 because of Pimax’ incompetence. Like this isn’t f’ing rocket science. The problem is the speakers are too far from the ears to be of open ear design. We are literally talking about a flimsy $2.00 plastic hinge that needs to be placed where the speakers screw into the headstrap. See: Vive Pro 2 speaker arms. See: Index and Reverb G2 speaker arms.

That everyone here who has tried the DMAS and finds the lack of bass and mids rendering the solution unusable means that Pimax engineers had to have similarly come to the same conclusion but released this garbage anyway. That we cannot get a refund is unacceptable and someone ought to be fired over this. Whomever made the decision to release the DMAS in this state deserves to be fired. Full stop.

Pimax, you made an unacceptable product, allow us to return it to maintain good faith.


I understand and I’m with you… now I order KDMAS cushions for 8$

I will try to find a better solution.

New or different design to change the speaker spacing.

Then new speakers and maybe new external amplifiers.

The first spare parts for my job are arriving today and I will start my job.

I can create designs myself and print them with a 3D printer.

Maybe it will be fine. Stay tuned.


my problem was no or bad audio coming out unless the right earpiece was mounted upside down – but even that wasnt consistent. lots of sound/sound quality issues (though not the high pitch noise people here are complaining about) . sounds great now , wish there was more bass after using the kdmas for so long but i’ve gotten used to it now.

Yes it is a great suggestion just replace cupping your hands with these minus the cushions.

Your Welcome. Just need a 3dprinter or purchase a printed set through a print firm.

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See my post to vulcan. GrodenVR has already created a solution that should work. Originslly for the Kdmas.

Amp wise there are some usb powered amps on Amazon. For under $20 cad.

Here is link to a topic where I had bought some bmr speakers ti experiment with. But have yet to get back to playing with them. Here is the link for 1 amp there.

I too have the high pitched sound Timo.H1 and Gsmith described. It appears as soon as the HMD is powered up, and it isnt affected by volume setting. I contacted Pimax support, hope they can help.

Apart from that, I am actually very satisfied with the DMAS. The highs and mids are pretty good, bass could be better, but its nowhere as bad as some described it in this thread.
I play with a Volume setting between 40 and 50%, so loudness is also good with my DMAS.
Now I only need to get rid of that sound…


I think we may need to compare system setups. And no we really shouldn’t need to.

So if we can maybe compare Mobo, gpu, psu for example we might find some commonalities between.

I am using a corsair sfx on an Asus b450-i aorus mobo & Zorac mini 1080ti. No extta Noises.

Any chance of buying a pair of those 3d printed parts and shipping it to the Netherlands?

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If so, I will make the STL files available to everyone free of charge.

You can then print it yourself or have a friend print it for you.


So now I’ve got the new boxes.

But there doesn’t seem to be a big difference.

The new boxes sound very good. I have the feeling the sound is a little deeper. but only minimally.

It is not worse than DMAS.

I tested both with an amplifier. It gets louder … but somehow I don’t like the bass yet.

But first I installed a box.

will continue testing.
next i will install the other box as well and then i will change the distance to the ears :ear:.


In the thread I linked to you earlier if you goto first post. Checkout the reddit link. Iirc the op on reddit talked about using some wool or batting of some sort to improve bass.

Here is part of his post

Link for ease


Yes I know

two things need to be changed.

the distance to the ears should be about 5 to 6 mm closer.

And there has to be some insulation.

I’m working on it right now.


I am very optimistic after a few tests …

I think this will be very good.
better than the original DMAS I think.