DMAS audio review

Low no surprise they are quite testy with ppl when they don’t get a positive response. They cheaped out on adapters.

I heard some nonsense about burn in. :laughing:

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Cool thanks Timo. If I get some ambition will start experimenting as well. Am curious if pimax didn’t add any dampening material. That could explain the lack of bass.

The odd noise your getting is concerning. I am not experiencing it so suggests maybe some kind of noise maybe on 5v rail or receiving interference from something. Or could be a defective dmas set.

That burn in Video they suggest is 2 hours long. They recommend runing that for 3 weeks every day? :crazy_face: and magically your bass will sound better?


Just received this, going to install it after lunch and a really no frill feedback on how I feel it performs.

ps. gonna find the world’s tiniest screwdriver first.


Yeah no just plain nonsense. Unless headphone and speaker companies do this in the factory prior to selling. :laughing:


It is a ph000

Had to dig mine out of my backer box


lol after some digging no i don’t have the world’s smallest screwdriver and I don’t have a backerbox. Looks like I’ll have to install it a bit later after paying a visit to my brother’s house. Retail shops are still locked down here so buying one is abit of a task at the moment.

Hey pimax, include a tiny screwdriver in the box next time! Not everyone has a screwdriver this tiny! :upside_down_face: for a $100 usd accessory it’s not too much to ask!

But small issue, worst case is borrowing one from my neighbours.


I will go well with the tiny violin we will hear when the reality sinks in :violin:


Ok here we go

Pimax should put these in store lol

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That looks way nicer than my set! :+1:

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Ok here is my impression,

Build quality is top notch, premium material, holds comfortably in the hand, it is a great set of precision set. Would recommend this screwdriver set. :joy:

ok DMAS, stereo whine, sounded similar to like when a car stereo was not grounded properly, once there are sounds being played it would cover over this whine, but when in complete silence, this is very noticable and i would say it’s unacceptable for any, and i mean ANY headphone to exhibit this. Sound quality is very acceptable and sounded good quality with a good sound stage. Bass is very subtle, I’m not a bass man so for me I wouldn’t feel this is a big issue for me.

I liked the off ear option, felt much more comfortable and cooler.

But the stereo whine, how does this get past the QA team?? this is beyond my understanding.

as a point of reference for my impressions, I own a set of sennheiser momentum 2.0 and a sennheiser hd6xx.

This just my quick fast impression, I felt the dmas is good enough, if it can loose the stereo whine.


I’m lucky. I don’t have any whine. I wonder if some people are having a grounding issue or there’s some sort of electrical noise on the USB line. The DMAS is acceptable, but Sennheiser equipment is in another league.


I’m suspecting this as well. but none of the headsets I’ve used prior has stereo whine this excessive.


the problem with the constant beeping or whistling … I could not solve until now.

The new index loudspeakers also have it.

Maybe a little bit quieter.

When I connect the valve Index … I don’t have this problem. it’s only at Pimax.

the problem could also be with the Pimax 8KX.

Maybe a bad production?

it’s crazy.

but the KDMAS index mod will be great for me.

only the constant sound in silence is terrible.


They never done before. So I ask them and they valutate 8$ plus shipping. Now I’m waiting to receive.

It way a idea I had before receive the dmas, because I was sure the problem of sound because of distance from the ear


My DMAS are arriving today, if I get the high pitch whine I will try adding a ground loop isolator to see if that helps.


The sound is coming from both speakers. I tried connecting them to my PC via an extension cable like you proposed, and indeed the noise disappeared. That would imply the noise comes from the HMD itself or maybe some interference with the cable. But if thats the case, why do you only have the problem with one speaker? Weird…

Anyway, Pimax support agreed to send me an replacement DMAS. As soon as I get it I’ll post if that improved anything.


I have now ordered a couple of filters.

I want to test whether it is possible to eliminate this beeping or whistling in the audio.

I have now ordered:

  • € 101.01 | IFi iSilencer + USB 3.0 Rebalanced Hifi Music Audio Active Noise Cancellation II Portable Jitter Eliminator Suppressor Adapter

  • € 4.04 16% OFF | 3.5mm Loop Noise Isolator Canceling Audio Cable Anti-interference Floor Reducer Filter Killer for Car Audio Home Stereo System


I will test if it works at all.



Okay, after reading through this thread I have come to the conclusion that I will not order me the DMAS upgrade, as it seems to be doubtful, if I would feel it is an upgrade over my KDMAS; or at least it would seem to play out to be a gamble.

@PimaxUSA: we had this discussion in the the other thread about Pimax marketing and what is delivered at the end of the day. See, this is exactly what I mean. If I only read the official Pimax statements about the DMAS, it would be at least as good as the Index speakers. Nevertheless the majority of reviews doesn’t see them on par with the Index speaker, and some even consider them worse than the KDMAS. It doesn’t matter to us customers, if the intentions were great, if a lot of time & money was spent in development and production; it’s not even sufficient if they actually do work fine for a minority of users. They have to work as advertized for the majority of users to be considered living up to their marketing pitch. And from my point of view Pimax has not managed to live up to its marketing pitch on the DMAS.

This is what I meant when pointing at the experience made with Pimax - I will listen to the Pimax Frontier presentation, but I will only hit an order button once I see positive reviews of the actual product from customers (or trusted professional reviewers like Ben Lang, and Youtubers to some degree).

So hey, should I go back and check my predictions on the DMAS as you were stating that 0% of my predictions turned out to be correct? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

No, I wont start digging, because I am actually trying to get Pimax to improve, not make this a personal battle for my win & your loss.

So all I am asking is: don’t over-promise on Monday, make a realistic pitch. Please.

It will be difficult, coming on the back of the infamous “several generations ahead” statement (not a wise choice, tbh - the responses I saw were pretty united in mocking Pimax for it). But it’s not too late.

Think of it this way: as a bonus you would win this round and prove me wrong if Pimax manage to get a 100% fulfillment quota on the Monday pitch.

More seriously, you will be helping Pimax avoid a lot of heat in the coming 1-2 years if your team keeps its cool on Monday and doesn’t get carried away. Lock away the eager & proud engineers, even better, let your lawyer approve your markerting pitch first !

At the end, if the products are that good, they will sell anyway. There is no real gain in over-aggressive (or enthusiast) marketing, certainly not on the long run.

Anyway, good luck with the presentation.


FWIW, I like my DMAS. The open-ear design is cooler (temperature-wise) than the headphones I was previously using. The bass is weak, but I was able to crank that up (in software). I don’t have hum or whine, but I consider myself lucky. Far too many people are having DMAS issues. I even had issues initially (too quiet) and the lack of an instruction sheet made it difficult to install and troubleshoot.

Pimax clearly has a problem with consistency and also seems to have QA issues. For all we know, the problem might be related to the headset and not the DMAS itself.