DMAS audio review

Hello Guys,

I need some advice for my dmas on 8kx. First of all I have a 5k super with smas audio too. It works well without any problem. Pimax support just brought back my 8kx to life with a special firmware version. Hdm is works but I have some sound error. Actually dmas has no sound. It can be a some driver confusion because on the sound devices list I can see a strange item. Pimax P2NA (NVIDIA High Definition Audio)

Why does pimax connect to nvidia? I am not sure it is correct. Maybe this is why it has no sound.
Anyone could help what should I do to get sound from dmas?

Thanks in advance!

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Your pimax Audio device is USB. Look for that in sound devices. No audio goes through the DP.

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I do not know what happened. Restarted windows after checked the audio setup (without any chnages) and wow it works. All good atm. Thanks!

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Your quite welcome! Glad to hear things are working better.

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To summ it up : Is the dmas equally good as the index sound or even better ?
And is the noise fixed that it was producing ?

No, it is not. I did a lot of work comparing them. Out of the box, the DMAS audio has very poor bass response and not even close to the sound quality of the Index. With EQ applied by 3rd party apps, it’s sound quality can be improved greatly, but still inferior to Index audio.

I don’t have personal experience with this issue. I’ve had 3 Pimax headsets very recently, and none of them had this issue with the DMAS. My understanding from these forums is that this problem only seems to happen with early 8KX units.


This is in part due to the Index I believe being closer to ears and likely a better quality Amp and usb audio card in hmd.


I finally received my DMAS and got to install it today. I am an 8K to 8KX upgrade backer, but probably one of the later backers to receive the 8KX.

I was expecting the worst but am a little bit pleasantly surprised!

Good news is I have no whine at all … yes!!
I guess my 8KX wasn’t early batch enough to have the whine problem.
For my 8KX without anything playing there is zero sound from the DMAS speakers.

I had chosen the 8KX package with DMAS and so my 8KX initially came with the SMAS. I have never experienced the KDMAS.

As anyone who has tried the SMAS can confirm, the SMAS sound is a pitiful tinny sound. I couldn’t even bear to finish one song with it in Beat Saber.

However with DMAS it was immediately “fine” to play a few songs in Beat Saber.

Next I did some comparisons of the sound output between the DMAS, my Bose speakers, and my Sony in-ear earbuds (the latter two are highly rated). Things I found are probably similar to others.

Observations are:

  • When listening to music the vocals and everything medium to high pitch on the DMAS is absolutely fine.
  • The problem is compared to the Bose speakers and Sony in-ear earbuds, it feels like there is
    no bass response at all below a certain level.
  • Used this trailer to compare the bass: AVATAR 2 - Official Trailer (2022) | 20th Century Fox | James Cameron - YouTube which makes the difference very clear if using good set of speakers to compare
  • Using equalizer software as suggested in Review and fixing the audio of the DMAS helps a lot in making it acceptable. Even though you still don’t get deep bass at all, at least some of the lower frequencies can be boosted and depending on whether the source has a lot of deep bass or not, the result can then be close to a ‘flat’ output from good speakers.
  • Since there is no deep bass at all from the start, no amount of EQ boosting will make it appear (and is actually detrimental as it wastes signal output). And so if you use speakers with already good bass and also like to boost the bass on them too, then the DMAS can not compare at all.
  • The closer you can get the DMAS speakers to your ears, the louder it can go and the more deeper bass you will get. It is quite a shame that the DMAS speaker legs cannot bend inwards to get the speakers closer to the ears as that would help a lot.
  • Overall though I think this is good enough for me. The main point of getting the DMAS for me was so I didn’t have to fiddle around with earbuds/earphones and not having anything touch my ears for better immersion/less annoyance. Yes I wish the bass was better, but this should be good enough for playing games.

Still waiting to hear back from support on my issue, I appreciate CNY resulted in a skeleton staff, but I opened my ticket in November…

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Hi @PimaxQuorra, did you look into my situation?

I received an email today that had clearly ignored my previous response making it clear that the issue is the 8KX and NOT the DMAS:

From: Pimax
Sent: 15 February 2022 09:30
Subject: Re: DMAS high pitched whine

Hi Plews,

​Sorry for your waiting time.

We apologize for the delay because of the Spring Festival holidays.

Your return label has been done.

Please return your DMAS earphone back to us.

Please print the attached PDF document( two pages ) and paste it on the box. And also print the attached return form and fill in it, then put it into the box. (This is very important.)

Then go to your local UPS to ship it.

Meanwhile, please take pictures to show the item you put into the box and send them to me.

Currently,it’s in the peak of delivery.

If Amazon delayed,we can start the investigation immediately.

After receiving your returned package,we will reissue a new DMAS earphone to you.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Best Regards,


I’m at wits end here. @PimaxUSA , @PimaxQuorra

Your customer service is insisting I send them my DMAS back because I am experiencing the high pitched whine.

The issue is 100%, without a doubt, the 8KX headset.

They aren’t listening, and I can’t use my headset - I’ve barely used it since receiving it as I was waiting for the DMAS, and the high pitched whine is painful.

I hear the whine if I plug speakers into the headset

I don’t hear the whine through the DMAS if I plug them into any other audio source.

On top of that - the DMAS is just a speaker, it can’t generate it’s own high pitched whine, anyone who knows anything about electronics will know that.

This is possibly the most frustrating customer experience I have ever had, can I PLEASE get some HELP.

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@PimaxQuorra @hammerhead_gal can you get this resolved? Instead of pimax wasting money & Plews time with not resolving this well known 8kX issue.


Hi Plews, I‘ ll check it for you with the support team

Trust me they KNOW about the whine and what causes it.
(they made the headset, and the dmas, and they did the testings, and testers had reported the issue)

You are just getting the run around. :laughing:

Hi @hammerhead_gal

The support team just emailed me offering to refund the DMAS.

This does not solve the problem.

I have a faulty 8KX, that’s what needs replacing.

They originally offered to replace it but are now pretending they never did and are just trying to save costs. It’s terrible customer service.


Hi @hammerhead_gal , do you have any update for me please?

Many thanks

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any update to your dmas issue?

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No, support wants me to send back the DMAS and offered to refund me their cost, which leaves me with a faulty 8KX with no sound… Great customer service

@hammerhead_gal @PimaxQuorra @PimaxVR

Can you look into getting the 8kX RMA as it is defective.


While we know that other customers have had a whining problem resolved by replacing their 8KX with a newer revision, it’s at least possible that Pimax has determined a way to resolve the issue with a change to the DMAS instead.

As I understand it, users experienced this whine on launch 8KX’s specifically with the DMAS and not other headphones. And, as you mentioned, the DMAS does not experience whine with other audio sources. It is the specific combination of launch 8KX and DMAS which produces the whine.

Therefore, technically it may be possible to make some sort of change to the DMAS which also avoids the whine for the same reason that other headphones do not trigger it. And it would make sense for Pimax to pursue such an option since it’s presumably much less expensive than replacing every launch 8KX.

I’m not claiming that this is actually what Pimax has done. I’m just pointing out that it’s not actually completely impossible that following Pimax support’s suggestions will fix the issue.

That said, my recommendation for your best course of action at this point would be to accept the refund of the DMAS and buy the KDMAS instead. I own and have done extensive testing with both and concluded that the KDMAS are easily the better headphones and also cost less.

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