DLSS 3.0 - will it VR?

I’m only posing the question, encouraging discussion as to the technicals. Bot forming an opinion just yet.

Heres the wiki quote “At release, DLSS 3.0 does not work for VR displays”

Seems pretty damning, but leaves open that it may eventually support it. Noted that there’s no citation for that entry.

In any case thanks for thoughts, discussion and discoveries!

That is to be expected.
Did you play cyberpunk on your hmd with rtx on ?

I wouldn’t hold my breath, like it’s not supporting VR now. So the first major hurdle is getting it to support VR, the next is getting it actually implemented. DLSS 2.0 in general is pretty absent from games in my experience so not sure if I expect 3.0 to be any different. It’s the sort of thing that is a nice bonus but I wouldn’t make any decisions based on it or such.

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The devil appears to be in the details however. Noted today that DLSS 3.0 forces super resolution of 1:4 (1080 on 4K), much like the setting of Performance on the DLSS2.0. That’s a BIG detail as it makes clear it’s coupled with it and the results of “doubling the frame rate” shouldn’t surprise anyone - I mean it’s rendering 1/4th the resolution - of course it’s going double your FPS it’s rendering 1/4 of the resolution!? Maybe my metrics are wrong, but it now appears this would only be helpful if you are CPU limited and it seems gimmicky or at the very least unsurprising.

Well the Idea is to do exactly that, what normally would look bad. Now the AI comes in and scales the image up again, ideally so you won’t notice it and that in very little time. That’s the magic, Render less but still get high quality images.

So my Guessing…
If I remember correctly there is a general DLSS 2.1 VR support. But, if you play Cp2077 with Luke’s mod, you can use DLSS and RTX - with issues I believe is due to the way the mod is working with DLSS and so has issues in the Pimaxes, since it’s not accounting for the canted display or two view ports correctly - resulting in a slight Ghosting on each eye, one left one right.
But games like legendary tales or into the radius can use it correctly on the Pimax.

Supposedly in Sim Update 11 Beta of Msfs has DLSS 3… So we could test and see what it does…

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DLSS + VR works very well in MSFS2020, but not DLSS3/frame generation. First, you need HAGS enabled to use DLSS3 and HAGS doesn’t work well in VR. Second, if we double the frames with DLSS3 but don’t include the HMD movement into the frame generation → lag & sickness.

True, but from what I read it will use motion vectors, so it might use them to also adjust accordingly to movements.

Yeah… maybe they can feed it in some day and we get smart smoothing deluxe :wink: