Distortion Profile Updates?

So I own the XR version of the Pimax. I only use ‘large’ FOV as that is the main point of owning these headsets. Now, I am using the Pitool .180 and it works fine. I still get a little eye strain, but is usable. The side Distortion still there. Having the offset option doesnt fix it.

Has Pimax implemented any Distortion profile updates since .180?

Are the new distortion profiles which were made for the 8k+ and 8KX compatible with the 5k+ and 5KXR @PimaxQuorra ?


That is a good question. I suppose that if the new Units have the same canted measurements as the 5k series, then it should be possible. Even if the new displays are smaller still should be possible.

But I would like official proper technical answer on this.

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Can’t give you an official answered but in one of the videos I think Kevin mentioned that the profiles for vision 8k s is a new one. Also I think for new panels size and build up (RGB Stripe) it does have to be adjusted. The lenses distortion ( curvature?) has to be matched to the pixels of the displays to know where to render what.


They need separate distortion profiles.

The new panels are 5", the old ones are 5.5".

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Almost every edition of pitool have updated profiles. Of course editions of pitool since 180 offer a lot more than that as well so it’s certainly worth updating. We have a lot of plans for many new features so can expect to see us continue to evolve the software.


That’s correct. The recent updates in December seem to have solved the distortion problems I had in the 5K+ SN204.

The 5K+ SN204 was sent with correct profiles, which were blasted to fish-eye view in 197+fw, and then corrected in 249+fw.

Just stick to 249 and the latest firmware and you’ll be fine. I only perceive a little bit of distortion on the outer edges of the screens on large FOV when I am specifically looking for it. At that stage, only one eye is looking though, and the other one is checking out the bridge of my nose. So, not a use-case.


Are you planning a distortion profile that can be manually adjusted in a test chamber like environment?

I imagine some like sliders on top bottom right and left which dynamically adjust the distortion profile as you look around untile they are gone…

I think the one fits all approach is not the best way to deal with it…


That’s a really good idea I’ll bring it up. For the moment we have a giant list of things to add.


I dont know at which level the distortion profile is calculated and how dynamic it actually is, but if you open source and include that as well I guess some guys here can programm an app to do so…


Great idea, perhaps a genuinely good use of Pimax Home would be a full featured setup environment to setup IPD, distortion etc.

Because most of us switch it off immediately, and never touch it again. Therefore, why not use it as first time setup location? After which we can turn it off and don’t need to revisit it, unless resetting the headset, perhaps for another person to use.

Eg really not sure how to demo a VR headset for other people, esp if they don’t know anything about it (which is pretty much everyone I know!). How do I tell if they have the IPD / distortion set up correctly to be comfortable for them? As they may not be able to accurately communicate that to me, and of course I can’t see what they see… :wink:


The new Headsets have new lenses?

This was discussed last year. I though Pimax released/ or going to the source code for the Pitool?

Did the upgrade, don’t notice any improvement

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I believe not, but new Panels with most likely different size and so that needs to be accounted into the distortion profiles

I will try get the 8k X. But I am going to be moving and who knows how long will it take for the units to deliver.

It would be great if they had an RGB Oled version, because the Blacks are awesome on the XR

At the moment the open source version is very old and does not allow access on driver level… AFAIK

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