Distortion on the up/down edge, normal?

Hi all,

i know that in a large FOV you may get distortion on the right/left edges, but in my case i see the same distortion on the Up/Down edges and was wondering if this is normal?

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AFAIK, yes, I think you’re talking about the geometry distortion thing.
Some says you can get rid of it, or at least minimize it with the correct ipd setting and or with the correct eye to lens distance.

I was really bothered by it in the beginning, not so much anymore.

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depends on what exactly you mean
i’ve seen two different kinds
one would be the “usual” distortion, that might be minimized moving the hmd vertical and when in the right position tilting the upper or lower side (i had the better experience when tilting the lower side upward about 5mm
(its best to be tested without the foam and by using the normal ipd or slighlty lower ipd (1-2) and ignoring the fact that max. sharpness is with totally to low ipd)

2nd is very near the edge and i described it here

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And they are correct.
The first step is to try a thicker cushion/padding. Maybe the thick Vive cushion. The thicker padding does however make the stereo overlap feel worse (especially for people who have always used the Vive) so you will need to experiment and maybe find a compromise.

Then the IPD adjustment. People concentrate too much on numbers and also the bigger sweet spot on the Pimax makes it harder to decide when the IPD is correctly set.
What I do is I open Beat Saber and bring one of the sabers vertically in front of me.Then I change the IPD until the saber looks perfectly straight from top to bottom when I move my head up and down.


In my case & opinion it’s a combination of factors. Finding the so to speak sweet spot in the hmd positioning on face for your ipd & also in part what Trevor said with accomodation(adaptation). Much like was said with SDE & VR sickness.

For me I notice slight warping but more when straining eyes in a given direction. Some of this is caused by wanting to test/find limits. I remember doing this is games to find the edge of the world.