Distortion Large Fov & 120hz

Hello everyone,

i’ve got a distortion when i use my pimax 5K+ if i tilt my head on sides the image follow a little by deformation, wich give motion sickness, especially long races on motorsport simulators.

i’ve got one htc base station
no controllers
HMD is on the firmware 255

With the pitool 197 i’ve go always this deformation, with or without base stations. on large and normal fov

With Pitool 245 Pimax, HMD not detected

With Pitool 249 distortion only with Large FOV. Any idea about this problem?

Another case : when i’m using pitool 197 i’m able to run large Fov at 120hz. But with the Pitool 249 i can run 120hz only with normal FOV. On large FOV i can’t do better than 90hz do you know why?

Thank you for your help