Display Port Passthrough Screen Mode

I would love on my Pimax 8K X a pass through mode like on PSVR for full speed desktop gaming.
With programs like Virtual Desktop or Bigscreen Beta the performance hit is horrible, I have tried pretty much every setting but can not get smooth 4k game play, like on my monitor.
With Pimax 12k coming out with a built in computer you could take this a step further with environments being rendered on the device and the PC using it’s full potential to render a standard PC game.
Pimax Experience PC Monitor pass through mode is also a huge performance hit through the headset but on the monitor the gameplay is full speed.
If Pitool could have a Monitor Mode acting as a second 4k display would be amazing and with the new 12k headset, it could have a 4k display with different environments rendered on the snapdragon processor.


I’m afraid what you describe wouldn’t actually work. A direct feed to the displays in the headset would produce unusable imagery for several reasons.

It is, however, true that the rendering pipeline for VR is not ideal. It is inefficient compared to the rendering pipeline for conventional flat monitors. Indeed, the VR pipeline currently grafts onto this and has to add additional expensive steps. But there is no way around the necessity for this at this time. A more optimized pipeline will require a great deal of research and development, and we aren’t going to see it until VR becomes more mainstream.

In the meantime, perhaps we can help you with better tuning of what you have now.

What GPU do you have? CPU? What game(s) are you talking about? What are your settings now? Etc etc.

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Rats, it is a software issue. I had this problem with the HTC Vive as well.
I have an Nvidia RTX 2070 super max q and an Intel i7 10875h. Everything works fine I was hoping the Pimax 8K X could be a replacement monitor for the small 15 inch laptop screen.
Secondly Laptop screen pass through with pimax experience does not work on the laptop intel but does on the hdmi nvidia. Big Screen Beta and Virtual desktop seems fine.
Thanks for the info on the rendering pipeline, here is hoping it will improve in time.

You have a laptop and mobile GPU which are significantly underpowered for an 8KX. Your GPU isn’t even rated for 4K gaming on a regular monitor. The 8KX has two 4K displays, one for each eye, and they each have to render a different image. Your mobile CPU is going to struggle, too.

So I suspect the underlying problem here is that you may have some misconceptions and wrong expectations about current VR technology.

To begin with, VR headsets in general are poor at acting as replacements for the desktop. They aren’t as sharp, and even Index controllers don’t provide as precise movement as a mouse. So for most purposes, imagining you’re going to get something like a much larger replacement monitor isn’t realistic, especially with your laptop’s inability to drive the number of pixels that would require. But even with a more powerful PC, I don’t think you’d get what you’re imagining.

One use case your setup probably can reasonably handle is showing movies on a big virtual screen. That’s much less demanding.

But overall, I think you’re going to have a much better experience if you hookup your 8KX to a higher spec’d PC. Pimax makes high end headsets that generally need high end PCs to drive them. Laptops besides being generally underpowered for the purpose also aren’t really supported and can have compatibility problems as well.

If you’re going to run the 8KX on that laptop, the mobile GPU is going to be required (no way you can run it off of the integrated Intel GPU). And you’re going to need to drop the rendering resolution way down and reduce a lot of other settings, too. You’d actually be better off driving a Quest 2 on that setup.

Thanks. Yeah the Intel GPU just acts as a pass through for Virtual Desktop and Bigscreen Beta but does not passthrough with Pimax Experience.
Regarding performance with the rtx 2070 super it handles most VR games pretty well but parallel projection titles are a no dice unless with pimax set to 0.75.
Still the whole post is about have the feature like PSVR having the pimax act as a second monitor would be an amazing feature if possible.

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