Display panels for the 8KX version 2?

Just found this oldie but goldie:

The colors and clarity on that 4k panel in the beginning is insane. And it can do 120hz the spec sheet says. Given that this thing was shown off 2 years ago already, does anybody have an idea whether they started selling those to 3rd parties?


This panel is not 4k panel.
1200ppi@2.43 = 1920x2160(1189.293ppi)per eye.
That means 4k for both eyes.
So there’s no chance of PIMAX using it.

What makes you so sure that the stated resolution is given in total and not per eye?

In your example, a single screen with only 2.43 inches diagonal at the aspect ratio your assumed math suggests would be too small to fit a pair of lenses to that?

It’s 4K per eye, each panel is only 2.43 inches. Old Tech.

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Why old? It looks pretty darn good in that footage?

Is from two years ago.

That was kind of the point of my post - how come they show off displays like that 2 years ago that still look substantially better than anything on the market right now?

i saw this video when it came out - yes it looks amazing, but let’s be real the display must have serious problems otherwise it would be in use.

It probably gives out so much heat that it roasts your eyes.

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There must be something that kept it from being used. My guess would be video bandwidth, you simply can’t drive dual 4k at 120hz without DisplayPort 2.0. How many cards have that yet? Is there even a DSP that can process such a signal on the receiver side?

New gen AMD and Nvidia should have DP2.0 HDMI 2.1 or what it is called.

Yes, those rumors have been around for a while and it would make perfect sense.
However, the install base of DP 2.0 will remain small for the foreseeable future, making a headset taking advantage of it not very economically viable, which is sad really.

Yes but even if you have suport for it it will work with older versions.

Yes, it is backwards compatible of course. But your refresh will be going down the drain (8KX levels or worse).

Then old card get 75hz new cards 120hz as it should be.

Google and LG made a 1443 PPI OLED display that’s much larger (4.3 inch), and much more viable for next gen VR. These displays came out in March of 2019, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they are going to be used in a product soon (the ones you linked). Still, we won’t see a product till late this year or early next year with them. In the two years since this came out, technology has really improved considerably.

edit: https://www.roadtovr.com/jdi-starts-mass-production-1058-ppi-high-definition-lcd-vr-glasses/


I hope you’re right. I secretly hope that Valve intends to rain over Zuckerberg’s parade again this year. Traditions have to be maintained. But we currently don’t have stuff announced that I’d call next-gen. Wasn’t Samsung up to some crazy insect-style HMD stuff?

Hadn’t seem that samsung stuff but it wouldnt surprise me!

Personally, I hope oculus maintains dominance because it’s working to bring so many to VR. I hate that they decided to lower refresh rates and keep tiny fov in the rift S and quest as an enthusiast. Those certainly aren’t gen 2 hmds (btw, tried my vive for the first time in about 2 years yesterday. WOW, the FOV is huge compared to a quest actually). I find their screens across the board of all hmds to be super ‘meh’ too (VIVE OLED destroys quest and cv1 imo), but they are invested in creating an ecosystem that is easy to be a part of for all consumers. I expect, and actually seriously hope, that they will drop out of the high end vr game entirely. They should make quests only, and refine quest/link to be THE solution for a low price point for people with and without pcs.

Leave high end to pimax, valve, WMR :slight_smile:


I think Oculus will stay on the forefront for the foreseeable future. What annoys me slightly is that they hold back on very cool tech like the varifocal optics until the cost in a final headset comes down to sub-500 USD. Which means the enthusiasts, who have a track record of happily paying more to get bleeding edge stuff earlier, are outright ignored. I don’t believe that is helping their reputation with the enthusiast segment, but for mass adoption, they are doing God’s work.

I think Valve and Pimax are in the sweet spot for enthusiasts price-wise, I just wish Pimax would get their s**t together as a company, but they are still a startup. I wonder what would happen if they would ask Valve to have a go at refining something like the 8KX, similarly like they did to the G2. The result of that would probably be most astounding.

Or can somebody please put something like the screens in the OP into a StarVR and upgrade it to DP 2.0 compatibility so you can run it on a single cable? That would be great!

Watch the video carefully.
The spec board says 2.43x’2ea’

At the suggested aspect ratio of 16/9, the stated size gives you 2.12 width by 1.19 inches height.

That would be 5.4 by 3 centimeters. Please do tell me, how you’re going to put 2 lenses in front of that and also account for a nose?

These numbers are per eye. The x2 in the end indicates that one must double the resolution numbers to get to the total. You can’t use 2 lenses with a display that small unless you plan to ditch 3D and are very, very cross-eyed.

In other words, are you seriously suggesting, that somebody would make a single display meant for both eyes at the same time and yet make that display significantly smaller than the average IPD?