Dispatch and delivery time to UK for new orders?

So I ordered a 5K+ and got my order number but how long do we have to wait before it is dispatched?
I am in the UK, how long have others waited for their HMD (not kickstarter or preorder)
How long after you ordered did you get confirmation it was being shipped?
Just want to know what to expect.

Bump, anyone got any info on this?

Think i read something about 3-4weeks but not 100% sure.

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I got a UK version within 17days of order back at the end of march. Good luck


Thanks. Can you tell me how long it was before you got any more information after confirmation of purchase.

It was literally in my hand before I got any update apart from a email from dpd the day before

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Ah right, so no updates don’t necessarily mean no progress.
Thanks for the info.


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That is good info thank you.
Hopefully I will receive an email end of this week or early next week then.
Two weeks from order would be very acceptable but now I don’t have to fret over not hearing anything after a few days.

Hi, I’m from Russia. I made order 12 april, but shipping status still empty. I don’t know why status check order web page not work. Whole month nothing moves.

If I hadn’t had an update for a month since purchase I would raise a ticket.

I wrote Dallas.Hao two weeks ago and he replied that the headset had been assembled and shipped out within 15 business days, so the track number should appear next week. It’s just weird why there are no changes on the status page. If next week there is no track number, then create a ticket.

I’m pretty sure I saw somewhere that’s they actually need to “update” that page manually.

I.e. they probably load the data from spreadsheet.