Discord / IRC chan?

There are quite a few of us that post regularly, seem to have common interests so how about a discord / IRC chan so we can waffle on without creating new topics :smiley:

Not necessarily Pimax (can be if you want) but VR enthusiasts who found each other in here.
@Heliosurge, @spamenigma go do some magic?

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I know @pimax_fr had created a discord group. But yeah we could do something for sure.

There is a generic Discord channel Iโ€™m a member of. Virtual Reality of all names :slight_smile:

They have a Pimax channel in amongst the usual suspects. http://vrdiscord.com/

Otherwise, Iโ€™d be happy to help with setup/mod of a discord channel with others for something more intimate :smiley: thatโ€™s Pimax/VR fan related.


Thanks Enig, will check that one out.

There is an un-official Pimax Discord