Disapointed in Pimax

This week my 5k xr arrived after traveling half around the world because it was shipped to the wrong country on the other side of the ocean.
PIMAX never followed up my complain just send a confirmation that they would answer.
I had to solve the problem myself with UPS.
The next disappointment is that the base stations I paid for are not delivered.
But most off al most of my games I have for the Oculus CV1 are not working.
I understand that the gamee where you need tracking and touch controls not function but most of the other also not like Flyinside simulator, Flyinside plugin for Prepar3dv4, Elite Dangerous. etc.
Project Cars for Oculus works and Xplane .

I feel the same as when I started with the DK2 from Oculus.
I think I have to continue using my CV1 until Pimax is coming up with solutions

Elite dangerous should work, whats the problem with it.

Have a look here, may have some info to help you out.


Hi Arie! I understand your frustration and I think something must have gone wrong in the distrubution process. UPS and other companies screws up things on a regular basis, and in some cases we (at support) have tried to assist with that, but in most cases we are out of control in these situations, and all we can do is hope that the courier (UPS etc) can solve it. At least Im glad you finally got your headset delivered.

My first shipped Index (pre-order) totally dissapeared with the courier Schenker. Do you think Valve did something meanwhile? Nope. I waited basically a month until Schenker finally admitted “they screwed up”. At that point, Valve took over and repaired the damage.

I think all of the above should work fine without basestations on all three Pimax headsets, using the internal gyroscope tracking (disabling Lighthouse tracking in PiTool). Of course you will only get 3DOF and no room scale, but sure it works - in many cases better than expected (check my last video about this). And yes, you will need to use a joystick, steering wheel or similar…

But yes, I agree 6DOF and room scale is better in most cases. Unfortunately the basestations are manufactured by Valve, and due to many reasons and things happening the last 6 months, the release has been delayed. Within a few weeks, there will be good news to follow about this. Cant say anything more as of now, though… But please be patient.


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Hi Martin,
Thanks for the fast response.
I have the Flyinside plugin for Prepar3dv4 working as well the Flyinside simulator.
However ED Oculus version not.
It goes back to the dashboard on the pc screen and also manual start doesn’t work.
I saw on the forums that only the Steam version or standalone works.
I requested partner keys for Steam but it still launch from Oculus home.
The experience is great and I will be patience for the upcoming solutions.


I have ED working.
I requested a partner key for Steam and installed and activated it.
It launched both in Steam VR and with Pitool.
However it is very blurry ingame and unplayable.
The menu’s are crispy clear.
Flyinside Prepar3dv4 is also running with the Steam version.
We making progress…
Now waiting for the Lighthouse tracking.

For Elite Dangerous try setting the options in the game using the VR preset options.

Every other game was working fine, and exactly as you’ve stated, the menus were crystal clear, but the rendering of my Anaconda in the hanger behind it looked awful.

After fiddling around with the SteamVR and PiTool settings to no avail, I noticed the VR pre-set buttons in the options menu. I selected ‘VR Ultra’ and suddenly everything was beautiful, even though the actual settings themselves (sliders and options) were in the same or lower settings that they were before pressing the button…?

@SweViver How about telling us that there is a delay in the newsletters or Facebook posts rather than us finding out after complaining about it on the forums! I get sick of all the marketing emails offering me $30 discounts every time I visit the Pimax site to try and find out any news.

3rd one this week ->

I’d rather be told there is a problem upfront and have my expectations set than get angry, disappointed and or frustrated that Q3 is here and our base stations are not. Only to then find out that Pimax is well aware of issues holding the delivery up, but not telling the customers that have already deposited for them about it…

I’d almost given up (again), cancelled them and ordered valve controllers due to the lack of news, and seriously, no official news (good or bad) by the end of August, and that’s exactly what I’ll be doing… I can buy a used HTC Vive with base stations and controllers for the same price as the ‘deposit’…

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