Dirt Rally problem

I manage to make work Dirt Rally with revive, no problems with that.

But if I keep my head steady, a message about don´t having my oculus on starts popping. Something like what happens with Vorpx and black screen.

Maybe this is some kind of “pause mode”? Any ideas?

exactly the same for me.
It s like in Vorpx.
I thnik it s due to no movement that is detected like no rift.

Yeah, some kind of pause feature

Did you end up getting this to work? Mine pauses all the time if I don’t keep moving my head which isn’t how it’s meant to work

Is anyone able to help with this? Very frustrating and sent support a Skype message but no reply…

Do you really expect from technical support help in setuping a game that doesnt really supports VR? :smiley:

Dirt rally does support VR, it was updated back in May…

First of all, beta support - is not native support and not a ‘release’ candidat, no one will guarantee it will work and support can be brocken with any update or patch. This is exactly what happened to dirt rally, you can google and find lots of issues and problems on vive during past year.

So no, i dont really think anyone from pimax suport have to spend their time googling for you and helping to maintane a game that was not developed for VR (either oculus or rift). Worth a try, but dont be frustrated if no one answers.

It is the full version ie it has been released with VR support but anyway. I’m sure there will be other games that will have the same problem because of the way Pimax have developed their driver.

For Vorpx’s creators it’s an issue due to game developpers.
The only way play in good condition is to move your head. Try to follow the track and tilt your head like you do in real, it’s more realistic and immersive.

Credit to koral for this fix.

Steam \ steamapps \ common \ SteamVR \ resources \ settings \ default.vsettings.
Find the string “IgnoreActivityLevel”: false, under the “revive” section: change the
false to true. After stopping steamvr, the value is returned.
Before running steamvr, you must change the value again.