DiRT rally, does not work

I’ve seen some people that are able to play DiRT Rally with the pimax but the threads are some months old.

It seems simple. Patch the game with Revive and run it on steam. But it does not work for me. I launch the game, it says “Dirt Rally does not support VR,…”, I press OK and it launches normally on my monitor. The HMD stays at the SteamVR Home.

My specs:
PC: GTX 1070, i5 6600k, 500GB SDD, 8GB RAM
Latest PiPlay (1.2.91) on Pimax Mode
Latest Revive (1.1.12)
Latest Nvidia drivers
Normal SteamVR (tried the beta but it also did not work) running in Direct Mode
DiRT Rally version 1.22

What I did:
Launched Piplay (admin), connected the HMD on Pimax mode, opened Steam and launched Steam VR, right clicked on the revive icon and patched “drt.exe”, un-checked the “Use Desktop Game Theatre While Steam VR is running” and launched the game via steam. It does not work.

Revive patches 3 .dlls: Openvr_api, Xinput1_3 and Xinput 9_1_0

Do I need any specific versions to make it run?
Any help would be apreciated.

Is it now not launching? If so you might get error like mine stating vulkan-1.dll is missing.

I need to reinstall my Amd driver as for some reason (windows may have blocked installation)

In 3d mark as a result is missing vulkan api test.

If not if mem serves @jonnypanic & others have experience getting it running. I still haven’t gotten around gpu driver re install.

Also please search forums before creating a new thread.:v::wink::+1::sparkles:

It does launch, but not on the HMD. It launches as a normal desktop game. The HMD stays at the SteamVR Home.

And I did search the forums, nothing helped.

Oculus software is also installed.


Aside from Revive I don’t have anything else from Oculus installed as I dont own a Rift.
Should I install the Rift setup? If it’s required I find it strange, no guide I saw mentioned it.

Revive requires Oculus software to be installed.

This seems to be an AMD issue. Dirt does still work perfectly on nvidia. @Heliosurge did you manage to fix it?

And yeah you need OC home.

Unfortunately have been a bit lazy with work & other priorities.

But have 5 days off so should be able to invest sometime into tinkering.

Strange thing Dirt at least was launching just nit in hmd til 2nd or 3rd patch attempt. But i di know that part of the Amd driver install was blocked. My old win10 dual 7950 cf i could run 3dmark vulkan api test. In the win10 pro r9 390 the Vulkan Api test is greyed out due to vulkan not installed.

Will also get a chance to install latested piplay think i still only have 1.2.91.

Okay reinstalled latest amd driver & newest piplay.

Dirt Rally tries to load but drtr.exe hangs. Does tho load on screen & in hmd. Does steam overlay need to be disabled?

Very likely does. I don’t have access to check right now.