Different pitools versions

Hi All,

I have stayed on an old version for a long time, every time a new release or beta is posted there are posts about various issues and that leaves me not wanting to upgrade pitools.

This post is a question to those who have tried many versions and happy to summarise the pros and cons.

Is there a general consensus of the best version to have?

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Depends on what you find best. Sometimes a new version breaks something from a previous one but introduces a new wanted feature. So, depends on what you want you headset to do.

Fair point, I am a big Elite Dangerous player, currently have a fairly low spec 1080GTX pc, so some settings are dialled down and would like a more consist experience with brainwarp.

What headset do you have and what version pitool are you running?

Currently have a 5K+ running PiTool v121

You should ask @neal_white_iii which version he would recommend as he’s an avid ED player too… :wink:

Personally, I would go with the latest stable version (.180) as that seems pretty solid:

Unless You want to test the new 120Hz mode in latest beta (.197 - which has a very low backlight meaning much darker image, but that might be good in ED actually):


I’ve had success (in Elite D) with .180, as well as each of the recent beta versions (including .197). In .197, I have had trouble changing the refresh rate (locked up headset, colored lines on the headset, left panel black, but right one is working). Restarting the driver service and/or rebooting the headset fixes the problem. (Sometimes I have to do both, but sometimes rebooting the headset is enough.) Sometimes I have to reboot the headset after restarting the service.

I have had some trouble with the last 2 releases of nVidia’s drivers. (This is prior to installing .197, so I know it’s nVidia’s changes.) The problem is that PiTool reports that there’s a connection issue with the video port. Rebooting fixes the problem, but it seems to trigger on subsequent runs. That is, after a reboot, the first run works fine, but for subsequent runs, there’s a chance of failure. I turn off power to the headset when it’s not in use, so that may be a factor.

I recommend using .197 to get the framerate increase. Also, game seems to look a bit better. (It looks like it’s higher res in Normal FOV.)


Thank you Neal, after posting here I did see your post on .197 in the thread linked above. :+1:
I will go with .197, any framerate increase is going to benefit my limited system.


You’re welcome. The framerate increase is noticeable on my system (i7 8700K with RTX 2080). I’ve switched my refresh from 72 Hz to 80 Hz and ED still runs smoothly.