Did I just get a regular 5k?

Is the sticker on the bottom of the 5k+ supposed to say just 5k? That’s a bit confusing.

yeah its like playing the lottery, tough luck

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I think it should say 5k+

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Mine just says 5k…don’t know if anyone has received one that says 5k+ on it…

I doubt it’s just the standard 5K… in those just about daily reports on how many units Pimax is producing, testing and shipping… it’s only 8K and 5K+. It appears they haven’t been producing the standard 5K. And probably for good reason… which backer would want it?

if i am not wrong @Heliosurge has a 5k+ that says 5k+

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The box the headset came in says 5k+ on it. If its supposed to be labeled as 5k on the headset itself its going to cause some confusion in the future if someone decides to upgrade from a 5k to a 5k+

I agree…i think you should be able to see it in PiTool but not sure at all as i still wait for mine to be shipped.

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Mine says 5K Plus on the box, but 5K on the bottom of the headset.

Pics I took here of the 2x 5k+'s I’ve received.


They are just crap at labels, both are still a 5k+

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That is quite concerning. What if they send someone who orders a 5K+ but actually send them a 5K.
Is Pimax just going to say the sticker is wrong and the unit is still a 5K+?
Or does the PiTool differentiate between the models, so that once connected you can tell what it really is?

But come retail market, this would require a recall as the product is too confusing to consumers!
You cannot have a 5K and a 5K+ but both having the same sticker on it.

Mine also says just 5k on the bottom of my unit, a possible problem is if someone wants to sell their unit, it will be harder to prove it is in fact a 5k+, so you may get less money for it.

@bigo93, Pi Tools correctly identifies the headset as a 5k +.

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afaik the regular 5k was never made and isnt planned to be made


The box with the power adapter in it was labeled straps and the box with the head strap was labeled power adapter…

I lolled at it.

BTW mine says 5K on the bottom of it.
I know it is a 5K+ though from the pixel arrangement.