DHL Express tracking number not found

Hi, @mozi @anon74848233

My DHL Express tracking number:
1408352665 is not found on dhl website

Order Number

My concern is that in Brazil, I usually have to pay taxes in the mails on imported products, and to pay I need to go to the agency when the pimax 5k arrives

And I’ll only know when to go to the agency if I have a valid tracking number

If I do not pay this fee on time, the product is sent back to you

Thank you…

I don’t have a valid track number and this service “check your order status” shows shipping status in blank

There were 4 emails for the support and none of them gave me any useful answers.

@mozi @anon74848233

One month passed since i receved a track number and i dont have no one answer about my pimax 5k+

Please, any one can tell me whats gone on?

I don’t have a valid track number yet
and this service “check your order status” shows shipping status in blank yet

Please, any one…

@mozi @anon74848233

Send mozi a PM, he might can help

Thank you very much…

Hey bro, was your Issue resolved? I am also waiting for a DHL tracking number (envio para Angola :wink: and was wondering how reliable the Pimax handling of the shipping will be.

not yet…
i opened a new support thread, was redirected to the logistic, but i didn’t had a answer until this moment…

Damn… I´m seriously considering request a refund and wait for the Valve HMD with the knuckles controllers. It seems it will be a long wait until Pimax delivers on the Lighthouses and controllers and i´m not sure if it will be worth the wait.

I have checked your order, it has been returned,
the current logistic partner is totally trash, I will rearrange your delivery.
can you give me your email ? I contact you.
sincere apology !