Depth of view somthing not right

Hi ,been playing a bit really liking my 8k BUT i have had something bothering me for some time now and have found something to me at least NOT RIGHT and i have no idea how to solve this

so ok ,every thing seems FLATish ,i noticed this walking round fallout and driving PC2 and i found a kind of fix by wearing reading glass,s

not a great fix, but with these i can now distinguish things like the sky from the tree,s or way down track now looks like way down track it also blurrs the hell out off everything

so im left with clear and flatish or blurry and real looking ,now i didnt have this issue wit my vive so i am wondering is there any files i can adjust something to compensate for wearing reading glasses without losing the clarity

i haven’t read anything like this not sure if its an eye strain thing or similar

It may be that your reading glasses aren’t quite right for this use. Iirc, “focal distance” of the 5K+/8K is ~2 m. Your reading glasses are probably optimized for 2-3 feet (0.5-1 m).

We’ve asked Pimax multiple times for the focal distance, but I don’t think we’ve gotten a straight answer to our question. This is important, since it really matters, as to what corrective lenses we need.

@PimaxUSA, can you please find out what is the actual “focal distance” of the headset? Thank you.


Thats not the point at all ,my eyes are great checked regularly the glass,s aren’t the problem ,the point is i dont need glass,s i can put the headset on and its sharp as anything ,BUT its flat there’s no depth or no proper depth ,really disapointing now ive seen
if i put reading glass,s on its blurry as expected but its also then comparable with relative depth 10ft looks 10ft away 100 yards looks 100 yards away ,without the blurry glass,s that magnify my position every thing flattens ,racing games only really standout 25ft after that it merges into flat screen just losing the depth

so would it be the screens ipd causing this its all i can make of it if yes like you say the glass,s are optimized for 2-3 feet as they are wouldn’t this increase also my ipd ? naturally its 64 but with the shunt in magnification you would also get could or wouldnt this give a focal increase in ipd from the screen point of view

or are we looking at moving the lens,s back and forth ,damb glass.s its a real deal breaker for me as i now know how real it COULD look

How do you think we could utalis that info :star_struck: would it mean glass,s for everyone

Have you tried with parallel projections on/off?

Yes seems ok with that ,it sounds worse than it is but its bothering me how it seem realer with glass,s @Heliosurge any chance of closing this im going to get me eyes checked again and explain why i want them checked before well somthing

I am not @Heliosurge but I closed it for you anyway :wink:

No, IPD is the distance between your pupils, which indicates where the center of the lenses should be. It’s the same for your glasses and the headset, which should both be aligned to the same centers.