DeoVR Video pixelated

Sorry for being an annoying noob.

I presumed VR videos would be crisp as hell on the 8Kx, trying to watch a ‘Burning Man’ video through DeoVR direct from and it’s like watching 360p, I try other videos like the Tesla one and again it’s not super crisp.

Because the screens are 4k and if the videos are not in 4k per screen, does that mean the image is stretched and thus looks pixelated? Or is it a setting?

My IPD is killing my eyes too, tried following guides but I dunno, things up close the image merges and I can’t go cross eyed enough…

Help pleeese

The only videos I’ve seen in VR that are really crisp are NSF stuff xD

you can disable FFR (deoVr doesn’t support it)

Just an update for any future noobs that search the same.

Virtual Desktop is far superior to DeoVR for downloaded videos.

Make sure you find the highest possible resolution and quality, otherwise you easily fall out of complete immersion with low res videos as the image is stretched and becomes pixelated.
Am yet to figure out if this can be solved with some kind of scaling feature, still a noob and retarded.

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