Delivery date of the 8k+ & backer-headstrap

Sometimes it is a little bit difficult to find important information in this forum :wink:
So a try to find out this way!

Are there binding informations when the delivery of the 8k + should take place or when the orderer will be informed by a delivery date?

A second thing. The kickstarters will get their headstrap sometimes.
The 8k + only has the deluxe headstrap without speakers, right?
When will we receive the kickstarter headstrap with the speakers?

Thank you in advance.!

No, the 8k+ has the MAS (modular audio strap) with basic speakers. These speakers are open to the air similar to what has been done with the Oculus Rift and Quest. There is also a deluxe MAS that has speakers that extend down over your ear.


Just to note, the default speakers in the Modular Audio Strap aren’t similar to the Oculus Rift or Quest at all. Those things have small speakers within the headset that pushes the sound out along the strap, while the Modular Audio Strap has decent-sized speakers sitting on it near your years. Looks more like the Valve Index speakers than the crappy Quest/Rift S speakers.

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Have you seen the Modular Audio Strap when wearing it? Its far away from your ears…

So you will get mic bleed if you want to hear them good…

Or the noise canceling from the mic is soo strong that you almost need to yell for somebody to hear you…

And the valve index flood just above your ears so completly different.

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Where did you read that? The only “ears on” I’ve seen is from SweViver, who said it had good sound quality, I’ve heard nothing about interference with the microphone.

In any case, my point was someone said it was the same as the crappy Oculus Quest / Rift S speakers, when it’s nothing like those.

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Pics of headset being worn.

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Oh god I hope they are decent.

The Oculus speakers are embarassingly bad, and the Pimax flagship device with similar speakers would be unthinkable.

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Well in theory the pimax version should be better than Oculus one mentioned. If there using directional Sound projection.

Much like there are quality 5.1 surround sound projector bars where you do get a decent quality surround sound experience from 1 speaker bar.

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I noticed in the store that the deluxe audio is an additional $100🤔

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