Dear Pimax team, I would like to cancel my pre order

Hello, please cancel my pre order P1330 and get a refund.

Can you confirm refund please?

@anon74848233 @Sean.Huang

No answer, no e mail, no shipping, no cancelling?
Do I need to ask for a refund via PayPal? This is not professional at all!!!


I preordered, had luck on ebay on answered my order confirm email with the request to refund. Had my refund within 24 h. I really don’t know what did not work out for you. Just ask for a refund via e-mail and they will sort it out.

Can you please let me know to which e mail address did you write to?
I have e mailed several times and no reply.

@mozi should be able to assist you :slight_smile:

Tried to message Mozi directly but forums wont allow it.

How did you contacted Pimax via ebay?

@Heliosurge can lift Your user level to allow You to PM.


Please take note of the topic OP post above. He wishes to cancel his pre-order. Number is in his 1st post.

He is not getting reply from Dallas or Sean, please can you progress this and arrange his refund.

Thanks Mozi


Sent Mozi a message for you… That should help… Please tag me if nothing happens in a couple of days and I will try to escalate it for you.


Thanks very much really appreciated.

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