Dear Pimax, can you add an additional 6mm (very thin) face pad?

this is in order to maximize the FOV to the fullest extent. When you order the vive, it already comes with 2 face pads, but they are both very thick. So can you guys make two, one being normal thickness, and the other having very thin thickness? @Pimax-Support @Matthew.Xu @bacon

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On a 200 FOV headset. Seriously?

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so you’re not gonna want 220 fov instead of 200 in the future? why settle for less when you can go for more…?

Considering testers were saying that their eyelashes were touching or almost touching the lens with the normal pad…the likelihood is probably slim to none of this occurring.


you would not even notice the extra 20 degrees FOV when looking forward. that far into the periphery of your vision range is not detail distinguishable. Only movement can be detected.

I do it with my vive too but a HTC tech said it before. It should not e done. It leads to distortions. It is a butchery to fix an issue but with tradeoffs. 200 or 220 you wont feel a diff.

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oh yeah forgot about this. Superb!

I actually prefer the opposite. I want thick comfy memory foam. I use 18mm on my Vive.

Good idea!
I will discussing with Bacon and Xunshu today.


Damn, I wanted this to stay a secret so I could get full fov.

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ahhh thank youuuu :slight_smile:

i like that too,

i also removed the foam from my htc vive and my oculus rift to come closer.

Everybody has a differrent face shape!
So it would be a good option if we have a choice!

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Hello @Mpmo10 We’re not going to do that at the moment, because 6mm face cushion packaging logistics may not be convenient, if everyone needs this, we’ll consider doing it. Thanks

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