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1. Clarity Settings Pimax Pi 2

1. Clarity Setting Pimax

By: @PimaxUSA

You can get DCS to be quite clear with the following settings: (Settings used by PimaxUSA)

Special thanks to HelioSurge for retreiving this from Redit(r/pimax).

Pitool: (1.75 on an 8kx is way too high), use Quality 1.25, SS=Off, PP=Off, FFR=Off, Compulsive mode = 1/2, Refresh = 90Hz, FOV = Normal. Do not mess with the steamvr resolution set it to auto.

DCS: Texture = High, Terrain = High, Traffic=Off, Water=Medium, Visual Range= Medium, Shadows=Low (you can experiment with this once you are happy with the fps), Resolution = low as possible (affects only the pc display), Cockpit res = max, MSAA=Off if Pitool SS is disabled OR 2x if Pitool SS is Enabled, Depth of field = off, motion blur=off, SSAA/SSLR/SSAO=OFF, Clutter = Zero

DCS In-Game VR Settings: Pixel Density = 1.0, IPD Distance is your world scale and you can toggle to whatever your preference=Disable but it can be used

FSR will increase your frame rate about 25% or so and works with any video card. You can also combine it with compulsive mode 1/2 in pitool.

  • Step 1: Download it: https://github.com/fholger/openvr_fsr/
  • Step 2: In your DCS bin folder (\DCS World\bin) backup openvr_api.dll.
  • Step 3: Extract the contents of the file you just downloaded to the bin DCS bin folder.
    (the directions are in the openvr fsr github docs) - you can also adjust the values in the cfg file to your liking.

Adjust as needed based on your video card and perceived smoothness level. You can also use FPSVR as an excellent tool to troubleshoot frame drops.