DCS 2.5 : New VR options settings and videos preview


To add a little context…

DCS was used as one of the main showcase titles in CES by Pimax.

The current (free) version is 1.5.8. It has 2 free flyable airframes (Su25T and TF-51) in the default Caucasus terrain.

A MASSIVELY updated version 2.5.0 is due to be released by “the end of the month” This will have far better graphics with much better FPS and further VR optimisations for the Caucasus terrain. It will also be free.

There are a further 2 terrains and some 20+ aircraft that can be purchased (Helicopters, WW2, Modern jets etc).

Its a shame that Pimax did not have access to at least a beta version of 2.5 for CES. But nevertheless its almost here anyway. I hope to see more videos and impressions for the 8K with the updated DCS soon.


What an exiting year really!!!
New games , tones of updates, new headsets everywhere :rofl:
Living the dream :sunglasses::rofl::beer::champagne: