Day 489. This will be the day

My 489 Day wait for the wonderful Pimax 5k plus is now over, and man what a joy it was to reach the tranquility of the immense FOV! stemming from multiple hours using an acer windows mixed reality HMD with a fov of about 95-100 this was life changing! the depressing part is the wait for controllers and base stations! i ponder if eye tracking and the better audio strap and additional face cushion and others will come as one big box of goody’s! But till then, 3DOF will have to do. (any free games that anyone could suggest would be great)

now to the nitty gritty!

oh yearh pi tool version .95 setup was flawless. (nividia drivers all up to date)

system specs
cpu = i5 8600k
gpu = msi gtx 1080 gaming x
ram = 24gb ddr4 2400mhz
water cooled cpu and plenty o rgb!

This is the shear difference between the two hmd’s and wow! looks at that difference

what an absolute beauty!

And one cheeky photo of me and the lovely pimax.

The good? well the fov is just blowing me away normal fov is really where its at! and performance on the 1080 is beyond what i expected for my seemingly now mid tier graphics card. along with this the resolution is just beautiful clarity and crisp display is great.

the meh. sweetspot seems to be pretty hard to achieve, along with this there is quite some pressure on the nose, i do understand there is thicker face foam and deluxe audio strap that can help with this, and im hoping pimax’s solution of their own deluxe audio strap weights strong against wmr, psvr and vives strap. Therefore i am hyped for that.

the bad. Honestly theres not much not to like about this. Other then the unfortunate snowflake effect in dark areas and the random permanent screen tearing that can even lead to utter distorted colors that change between both lens. This issue seems to go away after closing pitool and turning the hmd off and on again. and another this is that there is still some time till i am able to reach the full vr experience whilst i will wait many more moons to see the light of the light houses upon my corners!

(wont let me place the video but if any one of the pimax team would like to see private msg me and ill send it through.)

overall for the wait, many people have asked me was it worth the wait? and now i can say with confidence that yes yes it was. thank you for the ride and im ready to saddle up again! 9/10

strong textforgot to mention that my friend also has received his headset, tomorrow ill do a further edit to see the differences or how the different pitool versions affect the experience stay tuned!


Nice! Curious why you installed PiTool .95 instead of .109?

What do you mean by this? Random pixel noise? That would be a bad cable if so.


@MartyPouwelse this is because when i downloaded pitool originally it was that version.


@Milopapa i call it snowflake coz it sounds fitting but its white flickering dots on black surfaces this can be seen through the steam vr home, but sometimes this doesn’t occur which is odd to me.

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Folks usually I believe use Youtube to attach video link. But could be wrong.

congrats hope to get mine soon so i can compare notes lol


Will your system be able to run it effectively? (That’s not being judgmental, it’s just the 1080 isn’t the strongest, even with Oculus/Vive Pro) :thinking:

Sounds like cable noise:


From what i have tested, the 1080 is running quite smoothly. it is the 5k plus, the games i mostly play are shooters such a raw data, pavlov, sprint vector, dead space 2. i have tried raceroom and it runned like a dream (all at max settings pi tool 1.0 steam super sampling 200%) i dont generally use sim’s but from a first person shooter standpoint the 1080 is more then enough.


I don’t know if anyone else has mentioned this, but DO NOT let your lenses come in direct contact with sunlight, not even for a second.




Terminator 2? :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

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You look like a girl,?

A very flat girl -.- this disheartens me deeply 0~0

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What are you? Boy or girl or both?

Normally i would answer with a pure yes. But since you seem legitimately confused i will claify i am male and if you need further proof private msg me bahaha. Hope you have a good day!


I am a Genderless Child…