Date of shipment and how many units

I can not wait any longer… really really no longer!
I have to ask now!
After I experienced the Pimax in Berlin and now the NDA was canceled, I must have my Pimax! :grin:

@deletedpimaxrep1 Are there any specific informations now about when the delivery starts and how many units will be delivered in the first phase?
I know the somewhat inaccurate statements “late September” and also the target production numbers, but it would be great if there were accurate details now.

I’m desperately waiting for your email if I like to have the 8k or switch to the 5k + :smirk:

Respectfully, your supporter # 237

Which do you choose ?
Nr. 273 or something like that here :stuck_out_tongue:
Can’t make my mind up … :sweat:

They have confirmed first batch will be 100 units (give or take depending on responses to shipping email) and will be shipping estimated before end of this month. Second batch is suggested to be approx 700 units and likely to be shipping in October, they have a 1 week holiday first week of October so some stage after that your number will get included.

For some reason pimax keep giving out info buried into comment threads and not making more visible and frequent updates now?!?! come on pimax time to step up the PR!!


I choose the 5k+.
This video has underlined my own impressions again:


How big were the SDE differences ?
Also how much sharper was it in your opinion ?
Can you give % figures ?


In my opinion, the 5k is a little bit better than the Vive Pro and also the 8k is a little bit better than the 5k+.
But there is no problem for me to use the 5k+ because of worser SDE.

In Berlin I wondered about the blurred image of the 8k.
It is difficult to explain that in %! That was absolutely visible to me and the weighting for me more decisive. So I will choose the 5k+.