Customer Support - extremely positive IMHO!

There has been much information about the support going around the forum, also that its is not up to par, so I want to add a perspective:

In short - my last support requests ones where handelt quick and fast and very customer friendly!
(Dezember 19)

Since we “backers” can be a pain some times, I thought a “Thanks!” to, Wythe, and Vivi ( @Asales ) wound hurt!

In a bit longer:
I had 2 tickets open - all got resolved and that extremely friendly and rather fast, considering all the workload and changes + holidays. If only the language transformations might be a bit of an extra (adding myself also to that). I will just pick the last as an example.
My 5K + had some cracks, they grew and so I reached out to them again. Within one week (including Holidays) they gave me some options and resolved all points today.
I did take the customer and PiMax friendly one (liked it the most), but they also had a large variety of options they offered me from basic repair to special offers.
I personally found them all very good and very reasonable, mainly in favor of the customer - not much more you can ask for if you keep your expectations somewhat earth bound / reasonable!

So, I took the option for a special deal and added my old coupons to it which added up very nicely – so, very glad that it went that way!


EDIT: I know that there are bad experiences out there, this thread is not about ignoring them!

  • I choose to show that there is also a positive site and hope for this positive development to manifest itself permanently as the baseline PiMax standard.

I just was contacted by Emily about my rma, so far very friendly and positive. I will post my experience further in this tread :slight_smile:


We’ve read your words,so encouraged by your trusts.
Reilly appreciate your support and we’ll improve our service constantly!
Wish you happy~:blush:


You are very welcome - its your work that made it!
I guess to some point its fair to complain - but more so, it then means to also highlight what is happening on the positive sides !


They do seem to be getting quicker if you are trying to give them more money.
It will be nice if they do the same where its purely a cost to them, e.g. straight RMA’s and refunds.


I got the $100 coupon relatively fast, so no complaints here.


Sure, first of I guess the load on tickets is slowly decreasing, personal getting into work (reinforcements) and all that adds up at some point to a better support experience.

I guess it is natural that they are faster if it is also gain a new order for them, but not only because it means money – to be fair, the discounts total out to quite a lot - I am sure there is not much gained by them - so that is customer friendly.

Also, besides costing Money an RMA also binds more resources in personal and logistics to Handle. Most company’s don’t do that as fast or as cost free - just had that with my G.Skill RAM - Life Time support - RMA round was About 6-8 Weeks and I had to pay the shipping. PiMax offered that also (RMA with a label!) very fair, but also mentioned that it will take a while (shipping to and from, repair, etc).


Nice thing is, you can stack them ;-). I was afraid that would not work but it did - also customer friendly!


FYI geoff and others, the support requests concerning cancellation of an order and money refund has been given elevated priority.


Indeed as the team get’s more experience with the tools (software) & training. And refining the process it will only continue to improve. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Yeah, heard the ticket count is going down, not up.


Good , Very Good ! How about sending replacements? I heard about priority them too but still have not recived tracking number. (2 months RMA here)


Hey don’t post pictures of me !! :wink:


My coupon (price of 1 Kickstarter base station, which I no longer need) has (finally) been emailed, so now I can apply it to an 8KX purchase.


definitely improving.
2 out of 3 tickets are resolved and sally informed me she’s onto my last ticket to resolve.

keep it up pimax!


We are trying to do our best. We want to improve us together with your guys. Also, we appreciate all the comments and learn from them, that is the process of how we learn from our valued customers. Thanks


Hi , would you please provide your order information , or ticket, so we can assist your issues. Thanks.

4 Likes I will say that Emily was really nice in regards to my correspondence during replacement of my 8K. It just took F O R E V E R! And I still dont have the headset in hand, this was back in early October, buuut I did get a tracking number this morning !!


Nice. Glad they start shipping. Looks like positive wind of changes with ours RMAs.


Just wanted to chime in and say I have received a solution to my issue via Looks like things are moving in the right direction. Thank you Pimax.