Current Support Ticket Delays

Dear Pimax,

Could you please share with us the current delay in response to our support tickets? Like if someone submits a ticket right now, how long before they get a response? Or even just the amount of tickets in backlog?

Some of us have been waiting for several weeks and still no response. We realise the holiday is just over and you need to catch up, but waiting without any form of communication is frustrating and worrisome.

It would be comforting to know at least how many tickets you have in backlog so we can make an estimate as to when we get a response.

Expectation management is important.


@PimaxUSA @Pimax-Support


Here’s a JIRA query to make it easier… :wink:

Project = “SUPEN” AND Status != “RESOLVED”

You could also create a really nice dashboard for visualisation. Google/YouTube is Your friend… :upside_down_face:

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Good question - I’ll add the responses to that to the main list as well so everybody can find it.


As for myself, I emailed support the Monday of the holiday week, which was about two weeks ago now. I sent a support request on the support site on Tuesday, I got a response on Friday just asking for clarification, and for my support ticket number. I am needing to RMA a headset that was DOA, but support is very slow to respond, and I would really like a time line on when support will finally respond to me with an RMA ticket.

I really hope this is taken care of soon. I would hope that they would prioritize issues with Kickstarter backers before they focus on pre-orders.


Thanks for the willingness to show the current backlog! Just to be sure, is this the main list you are referring to?

My current ticket is unresolved and not even a single reply since January 22.