Crystal Launch Event invitation

The first ever Pimax VR 3.0 Series - Crystal QLED will be officially unveiled globally on Nov 1st, 5 p.m. EDT

It will be a revolutionary device that perfectly illustrates the new VR aspect!

C’mon Pimaxians! Let’s unfold it with us.


I hope it’s working right out of the box with the Rtx 4090 . Not like the Aero

And I hope it will be available on Amazon very soon :slightly_smiling_face: can’t wait to compare it to my Aero.
It should have better fov , apparently better colours and wireless capability with still good image quality

I hope to see reviews at some stage from certain VR journalists I trust to be unbiased, knowledgeable & not easily overhyped. Will take a couple of weeks after release, I suspect, potentially never arriving at all b/c for the Vision series IIRC Pimax did not send them their headsets and they didn‘t pro-actively purchase them so there was no coverage. In that case I will have to wait for reviews from a fair number of level-headed users to firm an opinion.
Hope they seriously reduce the price tag they originally announced - can‘t see myself spend 2k on a headset featuring Pimax R&D and QA standards.


I spent £2k on an Aero and got refunded in the end due to receiving Aeros with dead pixels, and so did many others judging by the comments in the Varjo discord and sub reddit. So I do understand where you are coming from, the experience has put me off Varjo. If I ever buy a Varjo again I will wait until many user reviews/feedback are available before purchasing.


Link to the livestream: Pimax Crystal Launch Event - YouTube

Whoops, didn’t realise the original post was a link. I thought it was just an image ha. My bad!

We don’t talk about it specifically in the video but I can confirm the Crystal does work fine with a 4090.


So who won the pimax chrystal in the mystery box??So now he can tell us after the video whats his opinion on the pimax chrystal…

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congrats pimax for killing the event! @PimaxUSA @hammerhead_gal @PimaxQuorra @SweViver


Music of the video really too loud. There is no final release date then?

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A couple of new pieces of info but mostly more hype for me. Waiting for hands on so glad it wasn’t long.
Music was too loud when Josh was talking. Hope the audio engineer didn’t design the hmd’s audio. :grinning:
No price on 42pp or info on the less than full kit purchase options for those with Index controllers and no price on cable choice
Would love to see a version with a generic head strap (no headphones)…

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Took the words right out of my mouth as I was typing :smiley:

Now it include both set of lenses :wink:

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Is there anything new under the sun in Pimax world?

Depends on what you know so far. Not a lot for me.

Price drop, 42ppd lens included with Crystal purchase, 12K at 70% R&D, no launch date for either HMDs.

Well, we do know that Pimax’s sound mixer won’t let anything get between him and his beat… :wink:

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