Crystal FAQ (Official)

Just noticed this FAQ on the chat bot on and thought I would paste it here as a resource, making it more searchable etc.

What are the minimum graphics card requirements for Pimax Crystal?
GPU: RTX 2080 or Above
Can Crystal participate in the 12K trade in program?
The difference between Pimax Crystal and Pimax 12K
Pimax 12K is an upgraded product of the current Pimax 8KX, which mainly inherits the 200° large FOV of 8KX. Crystal is an independent new product line, mainly for its true color reproduction performance.
The difference between Pimax Crystal and Pimax 8KX
Pimax 8KX focuses on the comprehensive immersive performance of high resolution, wide FOV and high refresh rate. Pimax Crystal pays attention to the performance of scene color.
What games can be played in the stanalone mode of Pimax Crystal?
In standalone mode, you can not only play the games in Pimax Home, but also stream the game content of steamVR in PC through WIFI 6E.
Are 8KX accessories compatible with Crystal? Such as hand motion and eye tracking, etc.
The hand tracking accessories can be used universally. Crystal will have its own the eye tracking function, so the eye tracking accessories are not required.
Do I need to buy the 42PPD interchangeable lens separately?
Nope, the bundle includes 2 pairs of lenses, 35 and 42, no need to buy any one of them separately.
Can Crystal use the sword controller?
Yes, Pimax Crystal's sleeve is replaceable. Under the lighthouse cover, you can use BASE STATION 2.0 for precise positioning, and you can also use the sword controller and Index controller.
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