Cropping of objects in right screen 5K+

Hi, has anyone else experienced this?
I set the 5K+ to small FOV and in xplane thought there was some weird flicker in the right lens occasionally when moving my head but I was just doing a quick performance test for small FOV Xplane to see if I could squeeze a few more frames out of it.

I then went into The Lab and found that what was actually happening is that some objects were being cropped/culled in the right screen as I turned my head left but while still in my FOV
I’m not sure if this is the software culling these objects too early or if my HMD is set up wrong.
If it were software I would expect this issue in wide FOV rather than small with the software culling objects when it thinks they are out of your FOV to save performance.

As an aside if I adjust ipd offset into the positive I get double vision anything over 4 but I can go all the way to -10 without any visual artefacts.


try to active parallel projection and look it that fixes it

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This happens to me only in the Steam house.

I’ve seen this in Elite D, but only in the galaxy map. Oddly, it’s only on the right side.

It happens with this on or off and it is only certain objects not the whole picture.
For example an object on a shelf will disappear but the shelf will still be visible and it only happens as the object get gets close to the edge of the display.

Same here and its due to the Fixed Foveated Rendering option. For some reason geometry is disappearing along with the resolution reduction instead of just reducing the resolution. We really need a way to toggle all of the HMD options based on the each program instead of just globally.

That is interesting but I don’t have FFR as I have a 1080Ti not 2080Ti so in my case at least it is not caused by that.
It seems it is something in the software/game not jiving with the Pimax FOV though I could be wrong because as previously states one would expect the issue with widest FOV rather than smallest which is similar to Vive the game was probably developed for/using.

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I have also noticed this issue at the very edges of the FOV even with FFR off so maybe that’s the issue you are talking about. With FFR on its really obvious with only about 2/3 of the screen rendering correctly. If that’s the case then I think its just an issue with SteamVR Home (and a lot of other applications) not being setup to handle the really wide FOV of Pimax HMDs properly.

Yes but this happens on small FOV and not large though I haven’t tested if it still happens normal and large FOV yet.
I know some devs would cull objects from being rendered if they thought they were out of FOV to save performance and given with older software the widest FOV was 110 they may have set it to that and Pimax small fov is still larger, maybe 120?
That might explain the objects being culled before they are out of the FOV of wider views but if that is the case I still can’t figure out why it happens on the right screen (turning away left) and not also on the left screen (turning away right with the same objects,

Perhaps my ipd and ipd offset are not set up correctly and that is causing it which is why I mentioned it in the OP to see if anyone understood the implications of my experience.

If anyone wants to experiment then load up The Lab and load up the robot repair level (I think) and there are some objects on a shelf (I think one is a toy robot thing) now slowly turn your head away and see if the objects suddenly disappear as they near the right edge of your view. Then try again turning the opposite direction until they are disappearing left edge. They don’t blink out of existence left edge for me, only right edge.

I have exactly same problem. I noticed that in SteamVr house and it’s very obvious and annoying. For some reason it’s visible only in right screen so I’m thinking is software/pitool related issue. Hopefully Pimax will sort it out with new software update.

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It is software related, not Pimax though, but Valve’s.

My take, from the pure observation, is that the software calculates the total horizontal FOV for culling from the two projection matrices simply by adding left FOV of the left eye and the right FOV of the right eye, but does not take into the account that the FOVs are canted by 20°.

Then they apply the calculated FOV aligned correctly with the left eye view geometry and come 20° short on the right eye outer rim.

The simple test to confirm this theory is to turn parallel projection on, which eliminates the canting and the algorithm used by Valve should work correctly.

The fix should be pretty simple (for Valve), the question is if they know about it and are keen on fixing it. Which also brings a question, if @PimaxUSA has sent some headsets to Valve’s guys.


If you see it in ED (presumably with PP on) then I guess you are seeing a different issue from what I described just in the post above, even though it may have a similar cause.

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#Yes as stated this also happens in Xplane, which needs PP on, if you fly an aircraft with an object in the cockpit to your right.
I will need to do more tests with other software and FOV to narrow the issue down but it is annoying and destroys any immersion.

Me, me - pick me. :grinning:

It happens with me in Il2 as well. Normal FOV with no FFR engaged - aircraft and some other objects don’t render towards the edge of the right hand side FOV. LHS is not an issue and I can’t remember if it is an issue with Large FOV but I rarely use that as the lower SS cost - at the moment isn’t worth it.

That being said - when I can push the pixels - Large FOV would be great. Seeing wingtip to wingtip when flying is quite special but I also want some image fidelity which my mid level system can only produce on Normal FOV.


I understand. I use Normal too, so that I can improve the image quality. The far edges don’t make that much of a difference, imo, especially now that I’ve been imagining that the black edge is just my space helmet blocking the limits of my view.

I’ve now noticed this happens in iRacing too with a 2080ti, but only when SPS is turned off.

Any news on this?
I have just noticed this issue and am looking into it at the moment. I would like to see this get fixed. Can’t unsee it.

I think it’s actually an issue with the game itself not properly handling the wide FOV. Do you see this in all games? The only place I’ve seen it is in Elite Dangerous; under certain conditions (at Guardian ruins), I’ve even seen this in ED while running on my 2D monitor.

Have you tried toggling Parallel Projections? That will use a different view port, which might affect the clipping. Note that some games require PP to be on; otherwise, you’ll have double vision (images don’t fuse into a single 3D image).


IL-2 requires PP anyway. It doesn’t help the issue though.

Check out the PiTool thread under Hardware - VR in Il2 forums. IT is well discussed there and it is a Game Engine Issue.

Would help if you also request nicely from the Developers for the September update to have the removal of Parallel Projections and better FFR support.

It is amazing how well Il2 looks with FFR on Aggressive but it is not so stable if you push the graphics causing large CPU spikes. Probably also an issue with it being single core optimized engine when it needs to offload AI, Physics, etc onto other CPU cores.

I seem to be ok with PiTool REnder at 1.25, Normal FOV, Aggressive FFR, SteamVR 100%/100% (Vid/App), Low ingame graphics setting with high shadows, clouds, 4x terrain with distance of 100km, HRD and SSOA on.

Gives reasonable speed and graphics without the spike and hang I have experienced on higher settings. I might try Balanced Il2 Graphics settings but see what turning off 4K textures does.

It is really pretty with PiTool Render set to 1.5 and SteamVR 100%/100% but it is a little slow on my setup.:disappointed:

Removing Parallel Processing requirement would help greatly and probably cure the clipping moving objects (Aircraft, vehicles and people) issue.:+1:

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