Created a service desk account a few months back, still can't access it

Hiya. Title pretty much sums up the issue. Headset ran into some hardware issues and I’m hoping to get a warranty repair/replacement. Made an service desk account around March but was immediately unable to log in to that account (said that the account doesn’t exist).

I emailed customer support around this time as well without any responses, so I figured I would try again and reach out in the forums. I saw some forum posts floating around with people running into the similar issue of being unable to log in to their freshly created support account. Could I get some assistance for this?

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@SweViver or @anon74848233 might be able to help out.

You’re aware that it’s Your email address You use as username, right?

Try the NA links here

I was aware that I needed to log in using the email as a username.

I double checked to see if my password on the account was incorrect and waited for an email response to change my password. Didn’t get a response strangely enough. But on a whim I went through the account creation process using the same email address. Low and behold I got myself a new account.

Not sure if my old service desk account was deleted around the time this forum post was made, or if the account being inactive for a few months caused an automated account deletion. But it’s looking like I have gotten access back to the service desk center. Thanks again for the help y’all.


Glad to hear. Though depending on issue; the US office may give faster response.