Could someone please explain what the "distortion" around the edges looks like?

Anyone who’s tried the headset in the past. Can you please explain what kind of distortion everyone is referring to. Is it just blurriness, or is it something different? Also, do you think that the lens “distortion” could be mostly solved with software?


While I haven’t seen it. I would imagine it’s similar ti what @bubbleball described in StarVR.

My experience which I have found on StarVR, It look like you are in the water with a snorkel mask and there is fluid at the edge (pumcy ever describe like this). May be it look like distortion, but I feel it look like some reflection image which not relate to the image at the center (not warping too).

It’s unlikely to be fixable in software. It sounds like some sort of inner reflection or edge effect. Depending on the source of the problem, there may be some sort of lens modification that can reduce/eliminate it.

A horse, or perhaps a star

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I do not know if it is the same as the others mean when they refer to such distortions - what I noticed with the V2 was that at the very outer rim of the lenses there would be some distortion, which I attributed to the lenses being curved where they end, and that I was seeing the reflection of that curved section of the lens (i.e. where the front of the lens ends and you have the rounded corner to the side of the lens).

I only noticed it when really trying to look to the outer rim of the lens, but then again I only had 5-10 minutes of Fruit Ninja, so I cannot say if one gets used to it or finds it more and more annoying.
However, for me it was not a bid deal because in the worst case I would attach a bit of fabric to that far out rim of the lenses and the problem is solved. Yes, it would result in the loss of a bit of FOV, and I could see why Pimax is having such a hard time sacrificing this because one of two of their main selling points on the 8K was the 200 FoV, so they know that there will be some who make that a big deal. Hence the option to switch between 200 and 170? Would explain it.
And I appreciate if they actually address this in this software approach, because my solution would have resulted in wasted rendering of the covered area while they simply prevent it from being rendered and only display black in the critical area.


I am worried that this will be a lenses issues or not.
Because from the last leak, although the display is black in 170 fov mode, but it still can see some effect of the lenses edge.

When it is happened like StarVR, It is not easy to use that headset for a long time because you will be annoyed by that distortion.

Infact I have ever recommend pimax to contact wearality because their 150 fov lenses is okay and they have a plan to do 180 fov for a single display too (but their website is disappeared right now). I never found godray on wearality, but can see some ring on the lenses when the display is so bright. When I use wearality with QHD mobile, it almost not see pixel (the best lenses, only problem is about ergonomic of headset and some distortion by custom QR profile). Mojing s1 is the second choice for a great cardboard which 110 fov and very small pixel (but you have to use QR of this site

This is the most issue which I am very concerned and we know that pimax tune a new lenses a lot of time and using a lot of cost too.

Only hope that we will get any updating of positive details soon.

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If it is the edge of the lenses, rendering a smaller area might not fix it (any light in the lens would be reflected at the edge). If this is the issue, painting the edge black might be a simple fix. That’s what they did for a friend of mine with VERY thick glasses.


Panasonic make a different angle to their lenses and may solve the issues, but I think this lenses and display can’t be supported by steamvr.

Although I am appreciate when pimax try to expand the fov by the bigger new lenses, but the best experience is more important.


No way you are not going to notice that separation of the two parts if it is so clearly visible in the picture…


Reminds me a bit of a 3 monitor setup. Never had one though - perhaps those who have can report on how much you accommodate to it.

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4 Monitor Setup two at the center and 2 on the outermost edges. If the pimax lenses do work they seem more obvious to me - but that is an uneducated estimate


I’ve heard people say that this Panasonic prototype was horrible to view, no wonder it could be true because when you move your sight from one set of lens to the other at the edges it’s very well likely you incur in the distortions between the two lens sets :slight_smile:


Well it is a very early prototype but the form factor is quite cool. From what Ben said we are not likely to see thid for genersl consumer.

Just describing what Distortion looks like isn’t enough. Pics or it doesn’t exist! :grin:

I suspect the glasses analogy may be closest myself. As a glasses wearer, i never notice edges unless I look for them.