Cool teaser news.. Some sort of new Vader VR game or experience tomorrow

Damnit, I need my pimax! 8D
I know I’m not the only person actively avoiding new VR stuff till my headset arrives.


Yep - i also barely pick up my Vive since I’ve been waiting for Pimax

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Yeah, me too.

I’ve actually been without VR for about a year! Can’t wait to get my loaner! Really can’t wait for the 8K X, although gonna need something better than the 20 whatsits cards to be able to experience the full power of that HMD!

Soon, soon for me. Backer 53 :smiley:


This is an Oculus Quest exclusive so none of us will be playing out on our Pimaxs…

Yeah, it’s too bad, I’m not a fan of the exclusives in the ecosystem. Ah well, since the Quest is likely to be a more ‘populist’ VR headset, I’m sure I’ll know someone who can let me try a few Oculus only experiences.