Consolidated instructions to install Backer Box /w Eye + Hand Tracking?

It’s been said before, but the lack of installation directions is a bit annoying. I wish there was a wiki, but can we at least get a sticky thread to combine the various installation instructions? Here’s a start of one below, but first a question

How do you install the Eye Tracker /w the Comfort Kit in the Backer Box? Do I seriously need to cut a whole into the just delivered comfort kit to accommodate this? I could understand if a cut was necessary for the original gasket, but it makes absolutely no sense for this to be needed with the just shipped kits. Though perhaps that helps explain the lack of official instructions…


Tips I’ve found so far:

  • When installing the comfort kit
    • to remove the cowling, start at the top center and work your way around. It does take some effort to pop free, and one of those plastic wedge tools may help once you get it started.
    • to remove the side hooks that held the original cloth mask, simply push them flat and they slide right off

Yes part of the rubber needs to be trimmed in the comfort kit. Same spot in the og gasket.

This link has a variety of helpful topic links.

There is a getting started guide linked there though needs serious updating as many pitool changes and new things like the ET and HT etc… Since it’s original creation.


Personally, I just cut the sides of the depressed part instead of completely removing it. The material is fairly flexible so you end up with a tab that you can bend. I just pushed the tab up when reattaching the Comfort Kit and it does a better job of blocking the light than if I had completely removed the tab. It also allows you to completely cover the hole if you decide to remove the eye-tracker (like I did).


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