Congratulations & Thanks

I think folks now would be a good time to issue many thanks to Pimax & all the Testers whom are responsible for helping to bring into a new Era in consumer vr! Pimax is now no doubt the first to VR into the future!

@anon23564932 whom has been on the frontline with communicating with us.

And other recognized pimax members:
@PimaxVR @Pimax-Support @bacon @Matthew.Xu @Sean.Huang @PimaxSWD @DKruohuo and many others like Ru, Nordic etc…

Then we have all the Testers whom gave a lot of feedback supporting this project to give us a fantastic set of Headsets!

@SweViver @mixedrealityTV @VoodooDE @yanfeng @Cdaked @pacotaco @Pumcy @oscar_rov @Neoskynet @Guancho @maxx @tristanc @twack3r

I see someone snuck a like in before I hid the post to complete a somewhat static List. :beers::wink::+1::sparkles:


Thank you that’s nice words!


I’m amazed so much work was done. Because you didn’t have to, but you did it for us and it’s much appreciated!

:beers: cheers to you with some virtual adult beverages


Agreed! Great work guys! your labors have contributed to the advancement of VR in general, as well as a being a big help to us backers.


Yes, THANK YOU everyone! @Heliosurge: thank you for all you do as well!


I don’t think this could be emphasised enough. I feel like this really is a retelling of the fairy-tale founding of oculus. Of a tiny start up doing what the big companies could not. It’s a condemnation of the complacency of those once innovative companies, and a celebration of pimax’s nimbleness and desire to push forward on the edge. I hope that fairy tale continues to be told.

Congrats to Pimax for their dedication and perseverance, for their openness to their community and willingness to listen to their feedback and even engage directly with select backers to refine the headset from their perspective.

Thanks to the testers for helping pimax polish this pair of diamonds.

To fellow backers. If you like what you saw in reviews. If when you get your devices you are happy.

three words.

Spread the gospel.

If in 3 months you devastate in Onward, don’t be shy about telling them why. If you have a favourite streamer, tell them about it. etc. It’s a small community, word of mouth goes a long way.


Pimax, give the big 3 testers some rewards


Thank you, Dan! Very kind of you!


We are finally landing !!! Congrats !!!

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The best VR is the dream of the team, thanks to @M1_Testers for helping us to make the dream come true!

Thank you @Heliosurge for all your contributions from the very beginning of the story.

There are also many people prefer not to disclose their ID here but contributed a lot to the well beings of the community. We have kept a thank you list with all the names listed.

Lots of comments, requirements, and suggestions to digest, will come back with the info necessary for backers to move on to the next steps!


Hi all,

Congratulations for the fabulous work and feedback from the testers and the Pimax team. So I have a dilemma to take the 5k + instead of the 8k with all that ;).



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I would like to thank sweviver first and foremost, that 2 1/2 hour review was just awesome!
Ty mrtv!
Ty vorinami for all the pictures!
I’d like to thank all the people who said a hmd like this wasn’t possible, without you false prophets, there’s be no one to prove wrong! :joy:
Ty xunshu for your hard work
Ty to all the moderators and beta testers


Yeah big thanks to @Heliosurge as well moderating the forum. Do you ever sleep? :smile:


Cheers to all contributors, but we are not quite there yet. I think once the headset is in my hands and I experience it for the first time will I be truly thankful.


thanks to Xunshu too for communication


Between posts. I think. Thanks.


For making all this, thank you so much.


Thanks alot for such a nice and kind words.

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