Confusing update nonsense........whatever

I’ve really been trying to figure out WTF this whole upgrade nonsense is all about and I’m so lost in the weeds that I no longer give a damn. I backed at the 8k level, ended up receiving a 5k+ for some reason (I don’t recall swapping, but might have) and now all this hullabaloo about “upgrading”. Here’s a credit or coupon but you can’t use it for this or that and if you backed here then you should use this bundle and blahblahblah.

It’s like a bunch of project managers all got in a room and came up with a “simple” solution in search of a problem. I’m sure there’s more to it and that the PTBs felt that something needed doing for money reasons or whatever. I appreciate the effort to try to enlighten us or try to give us “a good deal” or whatever, but I never get into anything I don’t feel I understand.

With that said, I’m done. I’m not doing a damned thing further. Y’all send me whatever I’m entitled to via the Kickstarter, whenever you get around to it. It’s no longer something worth raising my blood pressure over. I’ll get what I get when I get it.

I trust I’m not the only one who’s completely over trying to figure this out?


Imho no real upgrade deals worth while. If your a full backer & not taking the Index +$179 swap & wait for pimax controllers. Request to have lighthouses delivered this year


I got tired of waiting for Pimax lighthouses and such so I bought myself a pair of Vive controllers and lighthouses. So unless the Pimax ones are super duper awesome and work 500% better than my current stuff, I see no point in spending MORE money to get something I already have.

Why would I want the Pimax controllers/LHs?


Just saying if you backed a full kit & don’t want to spend more. There is no good upgrade plans imho & might as well stay the course; request your LHes now(will not be compatible with Vive Wands unless v2.0) just to have them. V2.0 LHes do have benefits over v1.0. & wait for controllers. The controllers we won’t now how good til we do. But this path involves no added expenses.

Now if you just have a $100 credit & didn’t back a full package? Then wait til something decent catches your eye that you can use it on.


Yeah. In the letter is stated that we will not recieve the lh’ s apart from the Pimax controllers, so another dissapointment again and feeling forced to update while i can to the index controllers from Pimax. Can’t help, even while i appreciate the letter, to feel sorry that i jumped on this train. Not satisfacted at all. All excuses will not change my feelings anymore. Just want it to end now, and still no decent option to have it ended now. Sorry Pimax, i’m not excited and can’t celebrate with you the all-new hmds while im left alone waiting for anything more than only the hmd to come in. I am so exhuasted by being let down, over and over and over again, i really am starting to want to burn the damn thing and if the LH’s and controllers will ever arrive throw then straight in the trash can. It had come to the point that just the name or logo is enough to make me feel bad. Sorry im just honest.


Yeah, I did the $799 full 8k package. I didn’t see an “upgrade” option regarding having to request the LHs. I figured I’d get everything promised (“8K Headset (Laser tracker integrated) + Controller*2 + Base Stations *2”) just by giving my money and answering the questionnaire.

Or am I simply confused again?


As far as i can see, you will get some things sometime. Sorry to say.

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Pimax Controllers by their words should be ready between March (NonSense Sword) & June (Sword Sense) 2020. As backers we have been told by PimaxUSA COO that we will get sense.

KS Update 49 or 50 seems to indicate we’d have to wait for controllers. But asked @PimaxVR and has said we can get them while waiting for pimax controllers if needed.

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