Confused with Pimax

hello everyone
today I got my pimax 4k online and I am very exciting, I have some questions

I have one eye lens zoom in and the other lens zoomed out !!

  • so I cant play battlefiled 1 PC on pimax ?

I cant use the pimax for regular desktop work (use it as mentor) ?

can I use Pimax as 360 games or videos ? ?

its remind me with normal 3D glasses 10 years ago

plz guyz tell me the benfits of it and how can i adjust it to my desiers

my PC
gtx 1080
CPU i7 7700K
SSD 120 GB

thank you


Lens zoomed in and other out sounds like you are in video mode looking at your desktop?

Video mode is for watching 180 and 360 movies. You will need a video player for that… Kodi, simple vr player etc… Load movie in that and watch.

If you switch to pimax mode… This is for gaming, but the game needs to be either…

  1. On steam and designed for vr
  2. On Oculus store
  3. Can be run in 3rd party vr compatible mode… I. E. Revive, VORPX etc
  4. Some games have been modded by community members I.e. Alien isolation, dying light but they will never be perfect.

Don’t think bf1 is designed for Vr… And to be fair… It would make me sick as a dog. Driving motorcycle across bumpy desert… Ahhhhh

Hope this helps


Thanks for @Enopho 's answer. @ashton81187 , you may need a video player like Kodi or simple vr player to watch movies and switch to Pimax mode to play games.As per battlefiled 1, we do not suggest that you could play on it. Please be advised.:slight_smile:

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