Confort kit questions


I start this topic to gather information on confort kit.

Please do not discuss price or pimax policy , keep it only for questions on confort kit.

Here my first and only question:
What about the sweat ?

@SweViver, Could you please do a review?



Will have to wait for the review, but I can say it seems similar to the headband of the Lenovo Explorer and personally I found the comfort to far outweigh any issue of sweat. Plus, the fabric was removable and machine washable, so I hope Pimax will do the same.

My CK question is:

Has it been fully tested to accommodate different size glasses? The aperture is narrower than before. While I reckon my thin frames should be OK, I’m sure others would appreciate confirmation of this :+1:

They should make or vr cover should make PU leather option so it doesn’t absorb sweat and can be easily wiped down between users if switching off at a party etc.


Good morning all .
Do you have a date of availability for the comfort kit?