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I’ve been following the Pimax product portfolio for some time now.

More and more HMD models (5K+, 5K-XR, 8K, 8K+ Vision, 8KX Vision, Artisan, Business Editions, Ruggedized Editions) and add-ons are introduced over time that make it more and more complex choose the right model and fitting add-ons (e. g. no 10 m cable for 8K-X).

In my understanding all current Pimax HMDs are combinations of modules (PCB, housing, panels, lenses, straps, etc.) so I wonder if it would be easier for customers to actually go through a configuration process similar to building a custom PC to decide which technology they actually need.
This would involve choosing panel technology, housing, strap, tracking technology, add-ons etc.

I see the following benefits of using a configurator:

  • It would make sure that you can only configure valid combinations.
  • It would make choices and their impact on prices transparent.
  • It would be easy to add new configuration options including upgrade paths to the portfolio.

On the other hand I’m not sure that Pimax is able to handle this.
Let me hear your thoughts.



The Idea is nice, not sure if is realizable just now.

Maybe a configurator that not actually gives you the choice to truly combine the parts, but more so is like a wizard that leads to the finished product.

So you choose what resolution / display matters, standard or deluxe audio, maybe also then just stuff fore some units.

But I am not sure if it is not easier the way it is, if it is not truly 100% configurable


Yeah, a wizard leading to the right product would be a nice first step.


Seems a good idea especially for new customers :slight_smile:


Hello Alex,

Thank you for the suggestions.
We will forward this to the team, and let them have the discussion.
It might be great if they are able to switch using a configurator.

Have a wonderful day.



Thanks for considering.

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