Computer Requirements For 8k

Hey Guys, I’ve got a 4K & am really happy with it.
I’ve joined the Kickstarter campaign for the 8k but am wondering if I should get the 5k instead based on my computer Specs.

Alienware 17R4
I7-7000HQ @ 2.8
16G Ram
GTX 1070


I find the 5K kinda pointless but then again I plan to get the 8K X.

They said the 8K will be rendering at a lower resolution and that should reduce GPU load.

Have you read FAQ ? What game do you have ?
Plus no one really know answer as Pimax 5k/8k is demoed only with 2 games

The 5k requirement is the same as the basic 8k model. Both accept 2x 2560*1440. The 8k will look better as it is upscaled to 4k inside the headset.

Your setup definitely meets the min spec on gpu as rec is 980ti/1070

The 5k is an economical option.


Personally I see the 8K kinda pointless and you might as well get the 5K.

The 1440p screens will be a 1:1 match to The rendered resolution, where as the 8K will have 1440p rendered on an 8K screen, so you’re still getting the rendered resolution on both devices, and upscaled images don’t always look better than showing an image 1:1.
Plus, from what I’ve seen and heard the SDE on the 5K is basically non existent the same way it is on the 8K.
With the, 5K you at least have the chance for an OLED or an CLPL screen rather than just a low contrast CLPL one on the 8K.

IMO if you’re buying the 8K you’re essentially getting a wasted screen that isn’t properly being utilised that you payed more for. The 5K is cheaper and will provide pretty much the same experience.

I’m getting the 8K X.

Thanks for the input. On my laptop it’s native res is 2560x1440.
Im not sure if it would be able to preform well with the 8k.

The 5k & basic 8k have the same pc requirements & both accept 1440p/eye input. The 8k upscales the 1440p/eye to 2160p/eye.

The 5k model is an economical choice rather than a lower pc spec choice.

As an owner of the 4k that upscales 1440p to 2160p can vouch for the upscaler is high quality.

The problem with 5K (at least for me) is SDE. That’s why I chose 8K and not 5K(my first choice).

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