Complete list of firmware versions?

I’ve currently got a bricked 8kx. This is the 3rd time I’ve been through this, and I’m currently working through all the usual solutions as I get time.

It would be very helpful if there was a repository somewhere with all the current and past firmware versions, as firmware flashing seems to be the fix most of the time. Anything like this exist?


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Maybe a survey of 8KX users asking which PT/FW they find best so far?

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@Playa had one.(He has it shutdiwn for now) Though just checked the Archive he sent me it does not seem to have the 8kX firmwares.

Which 8kX do you have? Original serial 2075 or the revised 2076?

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Serial # starts with 2073

I upgraded to an AMD 7950X3D and ROG Crosshair 670E mb. Fresh Windows 11 install. HMD seemed to be working fine, but in setting everything up again, I switched it to 90hz and that was the end of it, bricked.

Tried manually updating firmware to 262, 271, and 290 with no effect. I’ve got the “Plugin USB and HDMI/DP” error. Firmware is successfully updating, just not fixing the problem. Google searches give me a ton of conflicting info, multiple firmware versions with no explanation of what HMD they are for, and a few info pages from Pimax which barely make sense.

Tried rolling back Nvidia drivers as well.

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296 firmware might work. Might be an idea to file a ticket just in case.


If your device starts with SN2073, you may try the M299 version.
I have asked the tech specialist and they recommend this.

You may download the firmware via this google link.

Firmware update fixed the problem, thanks.

Now, is there a way to get this thing to run at 90hz? Every time I select 90, it bricks again.

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Are you using the Fiber Op cable?

Also which Nvidia card do you have? Include brand.

Can 2073 headsets run stable at 90Hz? Does 6M cable make a difference for 90Hz?


90hz can run stable on the older models. Just unfortunately it is not consistent among users. What are your specs? include gpu brand ie Gigabyte has been known to have issues.

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I have an EVGA 3080 FTW3

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Are you using Fiber cable or Copper one?

Some have found one will work better than the other typically the fiber one.

This is my friends headset he got from the outlet yesterday. I am debating buying one for myself but only if it can run 90Hz. It came with the 4.5M copper cable and the 6M fiber cables are out of stock. He has an MSI 4090 on order so we tested the headset on my system to make sure it was working. I wish they would restock cables one of the main reasons I want to upgrade is my 5k+ cable is fuzzy again and I am on my 3rd cable now, no more in stock to order. Anyways we did not try 90Hz I didn’t want to brick his brand new headset and was unsure if it would even work.


Yes the cable supply issue is definitely disconcerting. Especially for pimax’s original wFoV headsets.

It is curious why the vision series cables are in short supply. I can maybe understand the fiber cable as I presume these are being used with the Crystal as I do not recall seeing an update that a new cable has been made for them and last press they were using the Vision series Fiber cables.

@PimaxQuorra can you look into the cable supply issues? As no original 12v cables or Vision series cable are out of stock. These are consumables and should never have the stock drop to an unavailable level.

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Have you had a chance to test 90hz on his setup? Likely similar result; though @neal_white_iii reported success in the early 90hz on a 2080 super.

I have not tested I think he is leaving it at 75hz for now and doesn’t want to deal with it.

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