Comfort kit: removing the old face cowling step by step (pictures)

  1. First, bend the nose part backward like this:

  2. Then unclip around the nose by pulling like below (do that for the 2 sides of the nose):

  3. Grab the HMD against your chest and grip the cowling like in the picture, then push using your thumb until you hear a noticeable “clack”:

  4. Continue your way around, still using your thumb pushing against the HMD. You can also keep the HMD against your chest if it helps you.

  5. Once you have reached the top middle, do the 3&4 steps again for the other side.


Do you mean to push the cowling against your thumb? It would contradict what the official doc says:

STEP 1 : Remove the original face cowling. To do this you must apply pressure on the cowling towards the center of the headset and pull.

I have released half of it, and even when I know where the latches exactly are, I cannot release the other half and cannot really decide if I should push the cowling toward the lens, or outward :smiley:.


I have also tried to figure out if pushing outward/toward the lenses would help but it didn’t seem to, so I have just added more and more force (with the thumb) perpendicularly until it unclipped. The “clac” sound was ugly but it doesn’t seem I have broken anything.

Note, if it’s still unclear: the thumb just push onto the HMD (hard plastic) while the other fingers are pulling the cowling in the opposite direction.


I finally managed to rip it off, but I would definitely not call it user friendly. I felt like I was at the brink of crashing the headset. I do not think Pimax originally planned it as a user replaceable part. And as you wrote, it really did not help pushing it in or out, it just needed a brute force to pull out.


If you have the comfort kit, look at that, it has indents were the HMD clips are, then you can pull the cowling of at those points, I would not recommend pulling it from the nose area, My one looked like it was going to split the cowling when pulling from the nose.
I Had to use a butter knife on one of the top clips at first, once you get one clip free the rest will follow.

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Weird. Someone else suggested it and it worked fine for me.

Maybe it’ll loosen up after being removed a few times? :wink:

EDIT: It might be more of a prying than a pulling action that’s needed… :slight_smile:

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Good point. Even though I took a look over the comfort kit attaching “interface”, I was not really thorough and did not notice the latches there :smiley:. Then, while detaching the original cowling, I started at the nose, and the first “leg” gave up relatively easily, but then I got stuck at the left temporal part (where as I found out later are two latches next to each other) which did not budge.

Fortunately, the right counterpart went off much easier all the way up. Which was the only thing that kept me continuing on the left side, otherwise I would have given up simply out of fear of braking the shell from all the pressures. It was so tightly fit that neither pushing toward the lens or outward had any effect. I literally had to rip it off.

I guess it is all up to the tolerances and luck.


My 5k+ cowling got completely jammed on the right side and had to lever it out with a screwdriver. Even with huge force it wouldn’t pop out by hand, and I was worried I’d break something. Got there in the end thankfully.

Btw this thread is titled Comfort Kit, but we’re not talking about the actual Vision CK right? That looks like the old cowling to me.

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Ya I had to do the same with the original cowl as it was so tight. The replacements seem to be much easier to install and remove.


Yes, I have edited the title to make it more clear.

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Yep agreed I had no problem removing the CK from the X, just the old cowling from the 5k+.

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Ahh. I see… :+1::wink:

I’ve never tried that so it might just be because the CK is made of a softer rubbery material than the og cowling…?


Yes probably, but there are slight differences in the mounting points too. If I remember right, the old cowling has four pins, two at the top and two at the bottom, while the CK only has two at the top.

I don’t think they make much difference to the difficulty in removal by themselves, but perfect things to snap if you apply too much force without care :wink:

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