Comfort kit 5k+ distortions

I just recieved my comfort kit. I like the feel and comfort of it, but unfortunately it increases the distance to the screens, creating strong distortions on my periphery, making that screen space useless. This can be eliminated if I velcro set the headset uncomfortabely tight to my head, eliminating any comfort. Does anyone else experience this?

I feel like my original 5K+ before I had to replace it, had a smaller distance to the lenses compared to the replacement I got. I remember distinctly that my eyebrows even used to touch the lenses sometimes on my old one. This does not happen any more with the replacement I got. The thinner facepad on the original face gasket already is a bit far from the screens for my replacement, but it’s much more pronounced now with the comfort kit.

Will there be a thinner facepad available for the comfort kit?


Wow, that sucks. I sure hope that can be fixed.


Are you tried to increase the distance? Is possible that there is a middle point between eat the lens hehe and have a distance, where you have distortions. Try more separation with your hands. It worked for me. Reduce the fov, but it’s like when you use a magnifying glass. The closer you use a lens, the more it deforms what you see through it.

I really hope so since there’s no other way to adjust the distance (lessen it) when using the comfort it.

They should have two or three different thicknesses available (and maybe they will?).


It would be nice if that helps, but unfortunately, I have my doubts.

I’m one of the lucky ones who see no distortion, but my eyes are so close to the lenses in my 8K, that my eyelashes almost touch the lenses. Actually, they did touch the lenses, which left greasy marks, even though I started washing my eyelashes before every VR session.

I added a layer of double-sided Velcro in between the case and the face-pad, to add ~1.5 mm to the thickness and it has been great ever since.


i had exactly the same problem,the pimax 8kplus was not usable for me…I got also pushed to far away from the lenses,we need a comfort kit with less height for us…


I would like to remember that
Pimax with comfort kit has now what backers asked:
to increase the distance for less distorsions

because increasing distance you cut fov

so how is it possible you have more distorsions ?

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For me, at first, I wanted maximum fov at any risk. I forced a lot of situations, tilt the HMd, move it in my face, my eyelashes touching the lenses… and I get rid of distortions, but I had a lot of glare and I discovered a bit of eyestrain.

Then I tried to get more distance, and I discovered the distortions again, but I tried more distance again. Now I’m using my comfort kit with another layer of 1cm or more, and I have less fov, but absolutely 0 eyestrain, 0 glare and no distortions.

I think the problem is that we want maximum fov, and nobody try more distance, because it means decreased fov. It happened to me at first… but well, now I have 15% less fov, but I have better experienve overall by far.

This is over comfort Kit.


Other problem is “refraction distortions”. If you move far away the lenses you will see in your peripheral vision that they turn a bit grey. Some people call it “distortions” because they didn’t see the real screen distortions. I just put my vision to the limit of this grey distortion, just at the distance when it starts to appear, but I still can’t see it.

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I’ve been using the VRCover for the Odyssey+ with my 5K+ since the beginning, it’s very very thick. No distortions, no glare, no eyestrain, a bit less of FOV and ultra comfortable


That’s easy to answer. Not everyone had an issue of being too close to the screen. To date now with Comfort kit we have reports of at least 4 failings.

1 (yen) needed even more distance. And 3 that the increased distance is a problem.

This goes right back to needing a relief dial to decrease or increase pupil to lense distance.

As I myself have had no problem with default face foam and gasket. I might also have an issue with the comfort kit. (Should test this with thickening face foam)

@Intet have you tried testing by removing foam?


I would love to be able to use my odyssey+ halo system in 5K+

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I’m using it with the Vive DAS, the O+ halo style was not very comfortable to me


I’ve been using a 22mm cheap PU leather foam piece from AliExpress made for the Vive with the same result as You. Added a single layer of double-sided velcro on the top though.


Yes. As little distortion as there is on this 8kX, pushing in on it, squeezing the headset closer, does seem to reduce it a bit. In general, I have always tried to minimize distance to screen, which also helps a bit with FOV.

This may be IPD dependent. Wider IPD benefiting from more distance, narrower benefiting from less. My IPD is rather narrow, close to the bottom of the adjustment range.

By the way, at CES, I saw some comfort kits fitted with very thin leather pads. I suspect there will be more options available once the MAS is actually released.

Speaking of which, the MAS should significantly improve optical alginment stability and pressure. Especially if you have not pinched off the bottom part of the fabric strap with a paperclip as I have…


Now, there’s one that I’ve never come across before! I know some women who would find that a deal breaker!


That is what I get. I believe not every Pimax has the same distance to the lenses. Do you have an older model? The newer replacement I got had this issue from the beginning with a bigger distance to the lenses than my original, now the comfort kit face gasket pronounces it a lot.

Increasing the distance more only worsens the distortion and „greying effect“.


No, but if I press my headset against my face the distortions and „greying affect“ go away completely.


If you can get a sheet of thinner foam you might be able to make a thinner face foam.

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I believe it. I have unusually long eyelashes. My mom said more than a few times that she wished her lashes were as long as mine! :laughing:

Even though I’m nearing retirement age, I still have a full head of hair (more than many in their 20s and 30s). Most of my friends now look like they walked off of a Mad magazine page (or like Dilbert’s boss). I think I must take after my grandfather, who still had all his hair into his 70s. Or maybe I’m part hobbit. (I have hairy toes.) :rofl:

That’s possible. I’ve got my IPD set to 60 mm. It would be a major disappoint if my 8KX has distortions. One of the reasons I felt confident in ordering an 8KX is that I don’t see distortions with my 8K.