Color setting on 5K+

How do I adjust the color, not matter which channel I select the color slider just remains grey or is it not possible on the 5K+?

What Nvidia driver version are you using?

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I am using driver version 419.67.

yes i’ve also noticed using 1.80 PiTools, i can pick diff color oprions like red, blue, green, but, i cannot change anything, there is no slider option or anything to actually alter the HMD color, am i missing something here? i thought color was added to the new beta? ( and yes i’m using most recent drivers on all of my PC hardware. )

From my testing you select the channel and then you can adjust the brightness and contrast options per RGB channel.

So if you want to reduce the blueness of a Pimax 5K you increase the contrast on the green and red channels only.


Aha, that’s how color works. Thanks for the info.

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This is still confusing, they need to add a SIMPLE color alteration / saturation section separate from other slider options.