Cloud Profiles for PE beta 85

We’re adding profiles to the cloud: what games do you want to see?
It is most useful if you’ve played around with the settings for that game and know what works best for you and your hardware.

So I need to know:

  1. what game?

  2. what settings do you use?
    brightness/contrast/backlight/pp/rendering/fov/smartsmoothing/Steam ss
    (anything you don’t change, leave blank)

  3. what cpu/gpu do you have?

Hopefully one of us will have the game to confirm the settings and then we can post it.

Note: there’s a bug in saving the checkboxes: if you change any of the checkboxes on the game profile page, you need to actually launch the game to get it to save the status.
Note2: we can only have one profile for each game so if there are different choices, we have to pick just one. Hopefully the right one the first time, but let us know!

So give the profiles a shot and tell us what you think!

Edit: To access these profiles, click the game in question to go to the Profile page (where you launch the game). Check the box for “Cloud Profile” and choose “Default”, “Speed” or “Quality”. Launch the game.
If “Cloud Profile” is greyed out, it means that we haven’t created one, yet. Let us know…

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I put out a Cloud profile for Karnage Chronicles. This one would be a good one to discuss brightness, contrast and backlighting. The settings that I picked may not be best for everyone so I’m looking for the ‘majority’ opinion. I’ve got backlight at 75, brightness at -2 and contrast at +5. Let me know what you think!
Edit: I did notice that it ran at 1.5 rendering: does anyone actually play it at that rez?

ED would be good for discussion as well, but I’m leaving that profile to our ED gurus.