Cirque releases knuckles style reference design (if memory serves they are a pimax dev partner. )


looks 3d printed. Too bad I can’t print the insides

Can’t see that design catching on unless they incorporate some kind of grip that wraps around your hand. Not much point in being able to track all of your fingers if it means that you drop it when you relax your grip.


I would agree. It looks like it needs a good bit more design but this is a work in progress. Shouldn’t be the final form

Cirque releases ‘Grip VR’ knuckles developer Kit:

Article in Spanish from ‘Real o Virtual’.

VR Grip combines the tracking of a user’s hand and fingers on the surface of the controller, and proximity detection to track the position of the fingers in space, beyond the surface of the controller." This offers similar functionality to a glove tracking system, while maintaining the tactile response of a controller.

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Cirques VR Grip Dev Kit is just that, a development kit for reference design. It is an easy to use dev kit that allows you to connect and start designing around. It is USB for ease of use but for a full production device it most certainly will be wireless. Yes the controller is 3D printed to keep costs down ever Cirque and developers. This YouTube video is and unboxing and setup to show how easy one can get started VR Grip Unbox and Install - YouTube. Custom sensors can be designed to fit almost any shape and size of controller this is just the most generic design to get started.

Cirque has designed some variations for attaching the controller to your hand. This is just a dev kit not a full production controller.

In the words of Frank Drebbin “I understand that… Now” :sweat_smile:.