Chicago Pimax Backer Meetup RSVP! Edit: thanks for coming!

Hi guys, I will be hosting the Chicago Pimax Backer meetup at Trinity International University in Deerfield, IL. 2pm-8pm Saturday December 15th.

Xunshu from Pimax will also be sending some info on this event soon. If you are a backer you can RSVP Here:

Please message me here or email once you RSVP so I can setup a good time slot to give everyone enough time. An 8k and 5k+ will be at the event.

[Just to clarify this is unofficial meetup approved by Pimax]

Edit: Thanks for coming everyone, it was a great time!


More impressions are always welcome ! :eyes:


Yeah really sorry. It was either on a Saturday (when most people have off) or during the week (most people working) or next Saturday just before Christmas break when everyone is going out of town on vacation.

Also they were sending out the Survery Monkey emails so it was best to host it earlier before everyone starts filling those out.

I am still not sure why those surverys got sent out already to everyone already.

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Sorry ignore my previous posts apparently this is an unofficial meetup.

I RSVP’d. Thanks for doing this. I look forward to meeting other Chicago backers.

I had zero hope of a Chicago meet up. Thanks for hosting! I just RSVPd. Early afternoon is best for me. Backer 5xxx for 5k+.

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so are there any impressions yet?

@john2910 I took a ton of impressions videos, sending to pimax tomorrow so they will be up soon!

Thanks for coming everyone!!


Did you have a great time ? I wish there was a meet in Australia I could go to .

Niceee can’t you post them here tho?

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yes post them here please…

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Yes we all love first impressions . :crazy_face:

Thanks again to Karl and TIU for hosting! Glad to have had the chance to see the headsets first-hand.

wich one did you prefered the most and why?

Disclaimers: First, I hadn’t used my Vive in a few months, and I neglected to do so right before I went to this meetup, which would’ve given me a better baseline perspective from which to compare. Second, I arrived late, so I didn’t have a lot of time to do many apples-to-apples comparisons between the two headsets. I tried 3-4 games on the 5K+, then 2-3 games on the 8K. They weren’t the same games between the two headsets.

That said, what I did see increased my confidence in the reviews and pixel comparison photos from others, like SweViver, MRTV, etc.

I tried the Medium and Large FOVs. I noticed the slight distortion at the outer edges on the Large FOV, but realized this is something that I will forget about after a few minutes of immersion in a game, and I’m pretty sure I will be using the Large FOV exclusively (i.e. the extra FOV is worth the slight distortion on the left and right peripheries). Same goes for SDE. SDE is slightly visible on both headsets if you actually look for it, and between the two headsets it is slightly more visible on the 5K+. But the SDE is much less visible than on other headsets (e.g. Vive and Rift), and when I’m playing a game I tend to get immersed and completely forget about the SDE after a minute or two.

The major difference between the two headsets, in my view, is text quality. The text quality on the 5K+ is noticeably crisper. Everything on the 8K is a bit softer, including text. And text is something I do not forget about while playing games. Unlike SDE and the slight distortion on the peripheries on Large FOV, text clarity is something that I keep noticing the entire time I play a game and try to read small or distant text. Certain games I had to just give up playing on the Vive, because I just couldn’t read the text, and the text was important to the gameplay.

Everything else (colors, black levels, SDE, minor outer distortion) I can get used to. Text fuzziness I cannot.

I was afraid, when going to the meetup, that I was going to regret my switch to the 5K+ on the survey, and that I’d have to email Pimax support to change my choice to the 8K. But I came away from the meetup being happy with my 5K+ choice, and not regretting it at all.

For people that are super sensitive to SDE and cannot get used to it, and don’t play games where text quality matters a lot, perhaps the 8K is a slightly better choice. But if you play games where you absolutely need the best text clarity available, the 5K+ seems like the obvious choice.


No problem, here you go guys:

Images: Chicago Pimax Backer Meetup 12-15-18 - Album on Imgur


Wow. The attendees have changed my mind! I was planning to get the 8K for the better blacks and colors. My primary game will be Elite Dangerous. To hear ED players say that they really do prefer the 5K+ has swayed me.


many thx, i will stick to the 5kplus…

The thing that stuck in my mind about the 8K is that the image is softer or slightly blurred, to me that would mean that your eyes would keep on trying to focus to get the image in focus and for long game play might give you eye strain.

Thank you so much, listening to all the reactions/impressions really makes waiting way more easy.