Changelog in betas

We are all delighted with the operation of this hmd, the truth is great, but every time you get a firmware update or piplay we are lost, we do not know the changes made, it would be great to report the changes using a changelog.
Thank you.


There is a steam button now in pimax mode. Is that all the new changes ?

Is the only change you see, is there anything else?

@chapeka Thanks for your feedback and we will improve it.

Normally we release formal version with changelog, not for beta version or small change. But we will improve this in the future.

what about 1.1.91?¿ and possitional tracking?¿ If there is something real or developing it would be good to show it

@chapeka Appreciated your suggestion, our engineers are developing that, I think it needs some time.

It will be in this model, right? It is one of the most awaited things for all apart from the drift solution

I just received the firmware update, I would like to know the changes of this version if possible. Thank you

1.1.91 Piplay and firmware are betas or stable releases ?

beta sure, they comming activating in settings

Please provide a link to the changelog online. It is important for users to know the changes to firmware. Please post those somewhere on the forum or elsewhere on your website.