Change which controller in survey

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When we got the survey that asked which controller we wanted, I put down the track pad. Mainly because I’d never tried either of the controller types and didn’t know which would be better. Now having read the forums and posts online, it seems to me that the thumbsticks are way better. Is there a way I can change which controller type I want? The survey seems to suggest that I can only change the address?



Would you consider both? Left hand right hand?

I guess so. The problem for me is that without being able to actually test which one is better, or read reviews, its hard to know what I’m asking for. Surely it depends on the games support of those controllers as well? If the Pimax team is trying to get them as close to knuckles as possible - does that mean they would try to mimic the current knuckles designs (which as far as I know have both now)?

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Xunshu said that before they ship they will give us the opportunity to change our survey and add extra accessories. I’m hoping we can change our controllers.

I ordered track pad because I already have joystick controllers on my rift and wanted to try the alternative. I’ve since learnt I really don’t like trackpads and much prefer the joysticks.

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What would you say is the biggest downside of a trackpad? In theory it sounds like it should be much smoother that a stick? I don’t own any controllers yet so I really don’t know the difference yet

A stick will auto-recenter, when you release it, plus it has tactile feedback.


Ah auto-recenter, yes, that does make for extra usefulness. But are we sure there will be tactile feedback in the sticks Pimax will implement? They kinda have to of course or everyone will buy knuckels but I hope they are ready to get all of that into production soon after the headsets launch. I have a feeling there’s going to be a long wait for these too, judging from how long the knuckels take to develop

I meant that you can feel when the stick is centered or at the end of its travel. It would certainly be nice if the controllers had a rumble feature, though.

Oh. I just googled tactile feedback and it gave me a much cooler answer. Maybe that’s more haptic feedback then, ah well.

Yeah I am exactly the same. I have the rift controllers and so I thought I would get the track pad ones as something different. Its only after reading the comments online that it seems I might have made the wrong choice. Hopefully they give us the chance to change which one :slight_smile:

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I prefer trackpad by far

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I have tested Rift and Vive for a long time. The only reason I kept the Vive because of Pimax compability since lots of accessories will be shipped later (base station, controller, head strap) otherwise I really wish back the sticks of the Rift sooo muuuch.
Except of using the pad for further buttons I completely hate the track pad. I also tried the steam controller for a week and hated it as well. There may be 1,2 games that take advantage of the track pad over a stick but the other way round I find games that are unplayable with a trackpad that run best with stick.
Yes, you probably get used to the trackpad dealing with its many flaws (like I do) but still… stick all the way.

I have the Vive with trackpad controllers and they’re OK, the only downside I find with them is they can activate without being touched directly. I find that if tou hover your thumb just above them they can still react as if you touched it, which has sent me lurching off in random directions in Skyrim on numerous occasions :smile:.

I’ve opted for thumbsticks.

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Is it possible to request one of each? For example I’d love to have thumbstick in left hand and touchpad in right. If there aren’t any unforeseen problems in game by having one of each I think it’s the perfect solution. @anon23564932